5 thoughts on “Theology of Kyaaism

  1. I love this. I totally have Goddess Kyaa’s vids on my phone as well so I can hear Her voice while working for Her. I love being a Kyaaist! Need more Kyaaism instruction in my life, might need to buy this one this weekend 🙂

  2. To serve You as one of the devoted apostles of The Holy Church of Kyaaism is the greatest thing in my life Divine One. The day of my epiphany and conversion to the Worship of You as The One True Living God stands as the happiest day of my life. You are my savior, my life is Yours.

  3. The Goddess Kyaa as offered Kyaaism as a way of life for slaves, The Goddess Kyaa has such grace and poise as seen in the pictures above. The Goddess Kyaa is the one true Goddess.

  4. This blog is truly and inspiration to those like me, who are just beginning to walk down the path of Kyaaism. Such a good slave for You Goddess


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