New Media Update! June 24 – July 1 2013

For two weeks in a row I have accomplished my goals of adding a minimum of 10 videos and 5 blog posts each week. I work hard and it shows when you see how much new content is being published.
Here is your new media update for last week. I don’t want you to miss a single new video! There is no excuse to not just add them all to your collection, addict. Check my Pay Tribute page for a coupon code to use at checkout and start spending!
New Media Update 6/24-7/01/2013:
All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then rate/leaving written feedback for each video you bought.
Workout Ignore – June 8, 2013: Part 2 – I finish up my workout, panting and sweating. Click and pay to watch now, loser boys.
Star Spangled Toes 2013 – My pretty toenails are painted red white and blue for the 4th of July. Buy this video to get a close up look at my special pedicure.
Dependence Day 2013 – I’m perverting the 4th of July, turning it into a day of celebration for my addicts. Watch this video and learn all about your new holiday, Dependence Day.
Fireworks JOI for Dependence Day – This special video will turn you into a human firework for the 4th of July!
Buy Us Boots & Lick Them Clean with Rexi West – Together, Rexi West and I dominate you POV style in sexy thigh high boots.
Male Slave Licks Boots and Heels Clean & Is Taught His Place Below All Women – My slave is given a lesson in female superiority in this beautiful fetish clip. I order him to lick Rexi’s thigh high boots and then my leather pumps. Watch now, it’s one of the hottest domination videos I’ve released yet!
Real Punishment! My Slave Says He Likes Being In Trouble, I Correct Him Swiftly and Painfully – *This is not role play like most of the videos you see on my store. There is also not a raw unscripted domination session. What you are about to see is a genuine punishment. My permanently collared bitch had the audacity to utter the words “Being in trouble is fun.” when being questioned about his attitude after being stuck in the corner for having a bad attitude. When my owned bitch is stressed he can become bratty, which is completely unacceptable in a submissive. A bitch that acts like a little brat is punished. Watch now to see what that punishment might be like… and I warn you, if after watching it you think you would enjoy my punishment I assure you that the wooden dowel I used on him hurt very, very much. The welts you see in this video have only just begun to form.
Admit You Are Weak for an American Goddess – Just admit it, I make you weak because I am the perfect American Goddess!
Post-Salon Hair Worship – June 2013 – After arriving back home from the salon I filmed a few videos for you hair worshipers. This is a good look at how my hair looks right after the salon, click and pay now!
Under Desk Ignore with Live Gimp – Nude Heels & Hose – My slave is gimped and laying on the cold hard floor under my desk. I use him as a foot rest, wearing nude heels and patterned pantyhose.

One thought on “New Media Update! June 24 – July 1 2013

  1. Thank You for all the new clips and blogs Goddess! Especially with You being gone in Vegas for a week. So glad You had a great time and welcome home Goddess!


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