Teaser Video & Salon.com Article

Today is my last day in Las Vegas, I head home early tomorrow morning. Before I start packing up I’m taking the time to edit/upload/publish this 25 second teaser clip I shot while boating on Lake Mead with Princess Rene and crew. No one is in the clip but me, it’s a peek at my very happy smile as I flip you off then I turn the camera to show off the spectacular view as the boat speeds along the water.

I just don’t have the time to go into detail about all the amazing clips being published on my kinkbomb that you might be missing or all the mind blowing tweets I’ve been posting each day from Vegas… but I will mention one more thing:

An article on financial domination was published on Salon.com today, and I’m featured in it! A couple of months ago a woman approached me online and said she was an NYU student and a journalist, she wanted to interview me for an article that might be published on Salon.com. After having her verify her identity to make sure it wasn’t some loser looking for freebies, I agreed to talk with her. She had a few questions but mostly just wanted to know what my thoughts on financial domination are, how I go about financially dominating someone and what my subs are like.

I tend to be rather cautious when it comes to other people writing about me. I don’t tend to enjoy the way some outside the fetish community might represent me (i.e. as a money-grubbing greedy cunt who takes advantage of innocent horny guys who just want to jerk off.) This article is fantastic though! I’m not the only femdom interviewed for the article, it mentions a couple of other Dommes, but I know my addicts will be eager to read the whole thing. Just to see my name on such a major publications website will be so exciting. That is the Goddess you worship, serve and spoil being featured in an article on financial domination that hundreds, perhaps thousands, will read.


Read the Salon article and comment on it!

Then return here and comment again, thanking me for my existance. Then you really must pay tribute. After all, I was just featured in an article about financial domination. So pay, piggies, pay!



6 thoughts on “Teaser Video & Salon.com Article

  1. Such a great video and article, with The Goddess Kyaa part of both making them beyond exceptional! Thank you so much Goddess Kyaa!

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this “cool” video. It’s a gem of a video because there may never be another video with You on a beautiful lake, in a fast, fun, little boat. After reading this article and seeing these little peaks that You allow into Your glamorous world, i understand more and more everyday Your spoken words, of what it means to be given the honor to wear Your collar.

  3. Thank You for the teaser clip Goddess! Taking time out for Your vacation to do so shows You are the best! The article was great! More ppl need to know the one true Goddess and the one true religion. Goddess Kyaa and Kyaaism!

  4. Congratulations for yet another confirmation of Your status as the leading Dominant Female on yhis planet!!! That position is so rightfully Yours, beloved Goddess!

    i am so grateful and honored for being allowed to serve You!


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