Quick Update from Las Vegas, June 2013

I’ll have a ton of photos, stories and even a free video preview or two, from all the fun I’m having here in Las Vegas next week when I am home and rested. For now you bitches can have a few photos I snapped of myself while walking around the bowels of one of the giant casinos late at night. I love exploring the behemoths when the tourists and conference attendees have all gone to bed or passed out drunk. There are beautiful panties, gorgeous carpets for miles, mirrors and art everywhere.

This should help tide you over until I get home:

Vegas Blog Sat June 29  (2)
At one point I stopped to rest my toes and knew you foot boys would love a photo of my bare feet with this lavish rug under them.
Vegas Blog Sat June 29  (3)
I was trying to take a photo over my head of my ass in the short shorts I was wearing, but instead you get this lovely photo of my face with an infinity of mirrors behind me.
Vegas Blog Sat June 29  (1)
Of course i had to stop and take a photo with this aquatic blue painting as a background.

Do not forget to follow me on twitter! I have posted dozens of photos since arriving in Sin City… bikini photos, my feet in the pool, my gorgeous smile in the sun… Don’t miss out on the photos I’ll be posting from the party tonight, you will be fucking kicking yourself if you do!

@DommeKyaa on twitter

6 thoughts on “Quick Update from Las Vegas, June 2013

  1. Thank You for this post – the news and the wonderful images of You enjoying Las Vegas!

    i wish You knew how highly i appreciate that You share these moments of Your amazing Goddess Life with Your adoring minions!


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