Sub Writing: “In Sincere Gratitude For Goddess Kyaa’s Worship/Torment Package” by sissysplosh

My long term sub sissysplosh received a very special package recently. I’ve already published a huge blog on this personalized sissy package, but now you get to hear all about how my sissy has worshiped each hand picked item with reverence.

Each post begins with this introduction, “Over the next few days/weeks, Goddess Kyaa’s adoring sissy slave will attempt here to express its gratitude to The Goddess Kyaa for the worship package Her Perfection sent to Her unworthy minion. I can’t explain how much it meant to me, and how much all of the subtleties She included have me so very very thankful and in groveling awe of Her devious, cruel but kind, and always beautiful, knowing mind.  Nothing I will write here could ever possibly do justice to how Goddess Kyaa has helped and encouraged me to realize my own lifelong submissive ‘urges’, or how She has so carefully crafted the depth of my psychological submission to Her Perfection.  But I must try, for Her.”

So far my sissy has only got to 2 posts out of many, and with “real life” (as though his submission isn’t real!) responsibilities keeping him busy I doubt it he will finish any time soon. This is because my sissy is going into exquisite detail explaining how I trained him into an obedient sissy, as well as describing each item in detail, how it makes him feel, what he does with it… The two posts he has published thus far are some of my favorite slave blog posts ever. I’ll include a few quotes from each below, but I strongly suggest you click the links to go to his blog and read each post in its entirety. They are lengthy, but well worth the read!

Part I: The Pink Negligee

“She claims that it was a gift to Her from a slave, and that She never actually wore it Herself.  Somehow if it was actually just a ‘throw-away’, it makes what it has done to me even BETTER!  The first time I put it on to go to bed for Goddess Kyaa in chastity in, I was SO SO SO totally humiliated!!”

“…the way the elastic around the ‘bra’ part fits, and the way the shoulder straps sit, it gives Goddess Kyaa’s sissy little boobies!!”

“I can’t stop wearing it!!!  When I do, I wake up in the middle of the night just NEEDING to cup my new little sissy boobies and tweak my nipples as they poke out. “

“Somehow I can’t imagine that Goddess Kyaa didn’t know that Her pink negligee would have that effect on Her bitch.  She is so fascinatingly devious.  I’m convinced She knew.”

And yes, I did. When I received it as a gift over a year ago I noticed immediately that it was too large for me and thought it would fit my sissy perfectly. I was right.

Part II: Goddess Kyaa’s Worn-out Old Flats

“When Goddess Kyaa’s little chastity sissy first saw Her delightful post […] it must admit that Her well-worn plaid size 9 flats weren’t the most ‘anticipated’ item in Her package […] since the moment I had the privilege of actually holding the ‘comfy shoes’ worn so long by The Goddess Kyaa, I have been worshiping them SO ridiculously it’s pathetic!! “

“… the dirt that Her toes and heels left inside them is completely sacred dirt.  The same goes for the filth on the soles.  If Goddess Kyaa ever stepped in it, as She obviously must have, it must be worshipped!”

“The images of Her soles and toes are so burned into my sissy slavish brain that I would recognize them out of any thousands of pictures of womens’ feet, and only HERS would make me quiver the way they do.”

“But more than even the ‘imprints’ of Goddess Kyaa’s delectable toes hit me […] the thing that struck me the most was how absolutely, terrifyingly, tauntingly PERFECT they would be for self-spanking my sissy ass for Her.”

“I am literally OBSESSED with spanking my sissyslut ass with Goddess Kyaa’s used, discarded shoes!!!!  I LOVE it!!!”

These are just the first out of many posts dedicated to the hand picked items I sent my sissysplosh in April of this year. That I inspire such adoration should be no surprise. If you have never received a package from me, then you may not understand what it is like to worship something that was last in my pretty hands, something I have worn, used, touched, perhaps even a part of my body, like a lock of hair.

Comment below: Do you have any memorabilia from me? If so what do you have, how long have you had it? What memorabilia would you request if you could? 

To find out how you can earn a package like this, send tribute then contact me with your inquiry. 

6 thoughts on “Sub Writing: “In Sincere Gratitude For Goddess Kyaa’s Worship/Torment Package” by sissysplosh

  1. To have any item that has been blessed by Your Holiness would be a privilege i know i have yet to earn Divine One. To kneel at my altar to Your Divinity and Perfection with an item of Your worn clothing on it would be a dream come true for me. i wrote once that if i were ever in the presence of a pair of Your worn Holy Panties i would kneel and pray to them, knowing that They were superior to me, i would be a slave to them, owned by them, they would be Your Holy presence in my world, blessed by Your body and therefor of a higher order than me.


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