Commands to Follow While I’m in Las Vegas, 6/26-7/01

Tomorrow morning I leave for sunny (and baking hot) Las Vegas for 5 days of longing by the poolside, shopping, filming fetish clips and partying with gorgeous women.

Overlooking Sin City - Naked in my High Rise Hotel Room Jan. 2013
Overlooking Sin City – Naked in my High Rise Hotel Room Jan. 2013

I have blog posts and a new fetish video scheduled to publish each day ahead of time so you poor addicts will have more than enough new content to keep you busy. I will also be updating you perverts frequently over Twitter. Make sure you follow me to get tweets throughout each day about what I am doing. I regularly post photos, links to free videos, new content, blog posts and more. While I’m in Las Vegas my tweets will be even sexier than usual.

Still, just to make sure you aren’t confused about what you should be doing while I am in Sin City living the the high life I will give you specific instructions.

While I am in Las Vegas this week to please me you must:

1. As stated above, follow me on Twitter to get every last cock teasing tweet and be kept in constant aroused frustration as I torment you with a constant barrage of erotic 140 character messages.

2. Check for new posts each day. Read, rate and comment! This task will help put you in the submissive mindset each day, focusing on a simple act of obedience simply because I have commanded it. Reading my new posts will also help teach you quite a bit about being a good sub.

3. Spend! Really, this ought to be #1. I have all of these awesome blog posts, sexy new fetish videos and will be tweeting each day while I’m traveling… and you need to fucking spend to show your thanks! Buy clips and send tributes until you go broke!

Really, though. I mean it. I have a new coupon code on my Pay Tribute Page and a new video being published each day. Each time you pay tribute or buy clips I get a notification on my phone. I love checking my phone to see that my horny addicts have been spending and spoiling me.

I’ll be back in the studio on the 5th of July to spend the first weekend of the month on camera humiliating you bitches. Remember, until then I’ll be keeping you updated with everything I’m doing on twitter.

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