New Media Update! June 17th – 24th 2013

For the first time ever I have begun actually getting my shit together behind the scenes enough to start scheduling my videos (and blog posts, to some degree) to publish ahead of time. This means I can do something like leave for Las Vegas on Wednesday knowing that every single day I am gone there will be brand new fetish clips going up for sale. I’ve been able to do this because I’ve been taking more time to do behind the scenes type of shit verses spending six days a week on camera dominating weak males.

I still spend a lot of time each week in the studio teasing horny bitches on camera. But I must admit that as much as I love draining wallets and hanging out on camera all day, it feels good to look at my calender and know I don’t have to worry that there are no new videos or blog posts going out while I am traveling this week.




New Media Update 6/17-6/24:

All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then rate/leaving written feedback for each video you bought.


Pedi-Piggy – I’ve found a fitting way for you serve my feet… as my pedi-piggy!

‘Shh!’ Jerk It, But Don’t Let the Neighbors Hear! – Even though we are outside and the neighbors could hear you, even though you might get caught, you are going to take your stiff dicklet out and jerk for me.

When You Wear My Collar – There are many out there who have inquired as to what it would mean to be collared by me. Buy this video to find out.

Cum Quickly! For My Feet in Fishnets –  I will count you down and order you to cum for my feet in sexy fishnets.

Dressing My Sissy – May 23 2013 with Rexi West – After going through my sissy’s suitcase I chose a sissy outfit for him to wear for a day of being dominated on camera in my studio and dress him up.

Blue Eyes Brainwashing – Mine for Life – With this mesmerizing video I will brainwash you into accepting that you will be mine for the rest of your life.

Batchick Captured By Feline Fatale! – Buy “Batchick Captured by Feline Fatale” now! It’s super sexy, silly, comic book style role play. I’ve put extra work into the editing, with fun titles and transitions. I’ve played around with a few comic book fantasy POV videos, but this is taking it to another level!

Permanently Collared Slave Prays for Forgiveness and is Cleansed of his Sins – Handheld Cam – This is the handheld camera! Fetish model Rexi West is holding the camera, panning, tilting and zooming. Click and pay now to experience my slave’s worship like you are there in the room!

Permanently Collared Slave Prays for Forgiveness and is Cleansed of his Sins – Floor Cam – This is the floor cam! A stable tripod shot from the floor, looking up on the scene with a wide angle. Click and pay now to watch my real time slave praying to me, professing himself to worship me as his one and only God.

Workout Ignore – June 8, 2013: Part 1 – Ignoring you as I begin my workout in just a little tank top and panties, you will get to watch me turn the machine on and start pedaling.


Remember, I’m going to be traveling to Vegas and spending this week partying, playing, and getting kinky with some very sexy women. Make sure to do your duty and spend while I am busy living my fabulous life. I know you might be lonely while I am away, you might miss being able to pay for my attention, but there are 10 new videos listed above with new clips being published on my Kinkbomb daily.


Click, pay and obey! Work hard for me while I am in Vegas this week and when I come back I will make sure to reward you bitches.

4 thoughts on “New Media Update! June 17th – 24th 2013

  1. Goddess Kyaa’s slaves are extremely lucky to have access to such content, Goddess Kyaa is such a generous Goddess,

  2. To Obey our Lord God Domme Kyaa’s second commandment and Pray to Her Everyday, confess to Her your daily perverted sins, cleanses your unredeemable rotten soul. To be allowed to kneel at the feet of God Herself and prostrate myself below Her, and obeying, repeating ,memorizing Her every word is humbling and exciting. It is humbling and respectfully intimidating to Pray to Her in Her presence, but oh so exciting to Obey Her. What i already knew, but now am well aware of ,is that …you have to learn how to Pray to Her out loud. Goddess Kyaa has numerous Holy Video Scriptures in Her Bible about how to pray and praying out loud. Now i know why.

    To pray directly to Her, in Her divine presence and publicly denounce all other religions, gods and graven images as false, and proclaim Her as the One True Living God penetrates and cleanses my rotten perverted soul like no other baptism can. For now and ever more Her beautiful, evil, sadistic spirit lives in me forever. Amen !

  3. Thank You Goddess for the upcoming new clips! Can’t wait to see the foot clips! The path to Kyaaism begins at worshipping Your superior feet Goddess!

  4. You work so hard to help us be better and more useful pets Goddess. Thank You for all You do for us, with out Your guidance we would be lost and wandering in the darkness.


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