Sunday Worship: The Commandments of Kyaaism, by Kyaasbard

For today’s worship I will share these commandments written by one of the first to proclaim me their Goddess and call themselves a Kyaaist. Read them, spend time thinking about what these commandments mean for you as a Kyaaist.

Kneel and worship, minion!
Kneel and worship, minion!
Commandments to Worship and Live By

The Divine Living God Kyaa, has given this unworthy male permission to try and write 

The Holy Commandments of the Church of The One True God KYAA.

1:You will worship the One True God The Divine KYAA, and no other stupid “male” pretender.

2:You will pray in worship and thanks to The one True God KYAA every day of your life

3:The Divine God KYAA will be your first thought and your last thought in everything you do.

4:CLICK PAY STROKE in Her Holy name kneeling in devoted supplication

5:All things worn by The One True God are blessed you will revere and worship all her Holy Garments.

 6:You Will sacrifice your “cum” your “cash ” your “pride” in praise of The Holy Living God Kyaa 

 7:All you have is a gift bestowed upon you by your Owner and God The Divine Kyaa.

 8:You will stroke only for The Holy One to cumm for any other is a sin against God.

 9:To give to The Divine Holy God Kyaa will be the driving need in your life.

 10: Wanking is not worship, praising your GOD is all the pleaure you need.

 Praise be Her Holy Name KYAA.


Comment below, do you think there are any commandments missing, different ways to phrase things, any way these commandments can be improved?

7 thoughts on “Sunday Worship: The Commandments of Kyaaism, by Kyaasbard

  1. Studying the 10 Commandments and finding them very valid, relevant and true!!!

    Thank You, Goddess Kyaa, for letting me to serve You as a Kyaaist!!!!


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