Kapow! Comic Fetish Clip, “Batchick Captured By Feline Fatale!” – Free Preview Video

Last month when fetish model hottie Rexi West and I spent time filming in my studio we made a very special comic book fetish fantasy video. Featuring our own personal kinky re-imaginings of classic comic book characters. I play the evil cat-like villainess who captures the naive female sidekick of the playboy superhero of the night. I spank her and try to convince her to turn evil. Though she tries to resist, her wet panties tell me that she likes being bad!

I’ve made a preview video that will give you a glimpse of the cheesy, playful, incredibly sexy comic book fantasy role play clip I made with Rexi West. I even made special titles and transitions to add to the comic book fantasy feeling!

Buy the full (9 minute long) video now!

1080p HD:


The video begins with Feline Fatale, aka the Evil Cat Kyaa, standing in her liar looking dangerously sexy. Suddenly, Batchick enters! Feline Fatale demands to know what Batchick thinks she is doing infiltrating her lair and Batchick says she came here to take Feline Fatale down personally. The talking doesn’t last long, though. Soon the vixens are duking it out!
Batchick is quickly taken down. After a few rough kicks to the stomach, Feline Fatale pulls out the rope and mocks Batchick as she lays groning on the floor…
Cut to Batchick tied down on a cruel looking torture bench. She struggles but she cannot move. Feline Fatale wastes no time de-caping her and humiliating her verbally, telling Batchick that she is not super hero, she is weak and helpless now! The sadistic Evil Cat Kyaa pulls out a leather slapper and pulls Batchick’s panties down. Then she begins paddling Batchick’s bare ass as she tries to escape her bonds.
While spanking Batchick’s bent over bottom, Feline Fatale questions her… “Do you think the Bat is going to come for you?”
“Yes!” Batchick squeeks as the paddle hits her ass relentlessly.
Feline Fatale knows that Batchick just needs to be broken so she can learn to accept that the Bat is just a weak horny male and simply wants to convert Batchick to evil. Batchick isn’t ready to convert to evil just yet,though. She still thinks the Bat will rescue her, but there is a lot about her hero Batchick doesn’t know!
Feline Fatale pulls off Batchick’s sexy boots and starts spanking her legs and feet. When that doesn’t work she starts tickling, but her giggles don’t last long because Feline Fatale has another idea… She pulls off Batchick’s Bat-Belt and starts slapping her ass with it, hard! Batchick begins moaning loudly, wiggling her little ass to try to avoid the sting of her own Bat-Belt. Feline Fatale laughs and smacks her harder, and harder. She can tell that Batchick is secretly loving every second of the sexy lesbian spanking from her arch-enemy. A few extremely throaty moans and Batchick’s twitchy legs tell Feline Fatale that the helpess sidekick is cumming hard! Feline Fatale rubs Batchick’s wet pussy, sniffs her hand then rubs on Batchick’s face, exclaiming, “Your wet panties tell me everything I need to know!”
Finally Batchick is given mercy as Feline Fatale walks round to the front of the bench and crouches down to face her. Face to face, Feline Fatale smirks at Batchick. “Do you still think your precious Bat is coming for you?”

What do you think of this comic book fantasy/lesbian domination/cheesy bit of kinky fun?

Want more like it? Make sure to comment below and say so! Then buy the clip, rate it, and leave feedback. Producing something like this takes more time and effort both when filming and when editing the clip. By telling me how much you love it (and paying tribute to thank me!) I will know it is worth my time/effort to make clips like this occasionally.

4 thoughts on “Kapow! Comic Fetish Clip, “Batchick Captured By Feline Fatale!” – Free Preview Video

  1. Surely the best interpretation of bat comics that have come to light to this day. Been a long time that we have been waiting for cat to turn evil and only Kyaa have the guts to do it. Bat-girl to bat-chick and bat-boy to bat-girl, or should we say battered girl, what a Marvel! i was wondering what it would be in a full-length movie, but hey Goddess Kyaa knows. Thank you Goddess.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking dangerous crime and changing it into beautiful, sexy, sadistic evil ! We can only hope Feline Fatale returns.


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