Two Subs Serving Me – May 25 2013

This is the last of three sets of photos from the time I spent dominating two subs in my studio in late May.

The other two sets have some of my favorite photos out of any I have published, and I mean any. I look ravishing, almost glowing with the power I wield over my permanently collared bitch in chastity and the adorable subgirl Rexi West.

Now, finally, you get access to the photos from the shoot at the end of day three!
Once again I could easily spend hours describing the endless details that make each photo in this set so fucking sexy/beautiful/kinky/a perfect image of feminine power and dominance… but I don’t have the time. I’m currently packing for my Las Vegas trip next week, where I will be shooting with Rexi West again (among others.)

Perhaps at some point I’ll do another blog post on these and the other photo sets from the three days I spent with two obedient subs under my total control to describe the nuances of some of the best photos from each day’s shoot. For now I will just share a dozen uncensored photos from day three’s full set. (“Just share a dozen uncensored photos” – as if you’d be disappointed with that!)

Buy the Full Set now! 163 HD photos of me dominating my two slaves. I’m wearing a tight blue pin up dress, stockings and satin pumps. Subgirl Rexi West is disrobed and spanked. My permanently collared bitch is leashed, gimped and used as human furniture. I show off the deep purple bruises I’ve left all over my collared bitch. Buy now!

5 thoughts on “Two Subs Serving Me – May 25 2013

  1. Being spanked by Goddess Kyaa would be such an honor. Another way of washing my filthy sins away for being a loser male and now just finding the one true religion. Kyaaism

  2. After staring at these photos in awe, what keeps sticking out in my loser eyes is ,believe it or not, Your legs Goddess Kyaa. Specifically the way You cross them. And the photo of You with Rexi in between Your legs. All i know is Rexi is lucky to be a Woman, happy for Her…me,i am proud to have been chosen by You, to be beaten by You for Your sadistic pleasure. The bruises on my piggy belly were visible for about two weeks, making me feel so very special. Thank You Goddess Kyaa. You must have been inflicting Your pleasure on me in the same spot intentionally or unintentionally, it does not matter to me, as long as You are happy. #giggle #giggle

    And last but surely not least, as Kyaasbard said, You are glowing of power in these photos. The look in Your beautiful eyes do radiate superiority. Precious !

  3. Thank You Divine One for these stunning photos and thank You for making the full set available to us. See You with Your two devoted subs as You tower over them in both stature and (goes with out saying really) status is thrilling. You do glow with power, You radiate superiority and Your beauty shines out. i love the way You playfully and sensually Dominate Miss Rexi, dominating Her in an almost “loving” caring way, while Your subhuman male slave receives cold sadistic treatment, underlining his (all males) place beneath Your heels.

    You grow more beautiful each passing day and as Your beauty grows so does Your power and Your Empire. The Holy Church of Kyaaism is my home.


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