Last Call for Vegas Custom Videos – Princess Rene, Rexi West and Sarah Blake

On Wednesday morning I leave for Sin City. Princess Rene invited me to a mutual friend’s birthday party so I’m staying a few extra days to get some in some filming with Rene, Rexi West and for the first time Sarah Blake!

Rexi West!
Rexi West!

I’m beyond excited for all the kinky fetish videos I’ve got planned with Rexi West already.


With Princess Rene in Jan. 2013
With Princess Rene in Vegas, Jan. 2013

I know that the horny paypig losers out there will go broke for anything I film with Princess Rene.


Then of course, there is the anticipation of getting to meet and film with the gorgeous porn star/all around amazing sexy woman Sarah Blake. We haven’t even planned anything specific yet, but I’m sure you can guess just how fucking hot we will be together.

Sarah Blake!
Sarah Blake!


Contact me ASAP if you hope to get a custom video with me and one of these beautiful women while I am in Las Vegas this month!

*Minimum of $100 will be paid to both of us, so don’t bother contacting me if you can’t afford to pay $200 for your custom video!

5 thoughts on “Last Call for Vegas Custom Videos – Princess Rene, Rexi West and Sarah Blake

  1. Hope You have a great time Vegas Goddess! Oh I have to see if I can afford a custom clip! Time to sacrifice for Goddess and the true religion of Kyaaism!

  2. i started thinking about all the amazing possibilitys’ of this trip and had to stop! Just the thought of what You might get up to was too much for me at this point in the month, with 10 days still to go before i am allowed to cum again !
    i hope You have a wonderful time Goddess i will be on my knees in mental chastity and devout prayer as You enjoy the life of a beautiful living Deity !


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