Puzzle Post: June 19th, 2013

Do you like puzzles?
How about a sexy free photo? To find out what the photo is you will have to solve for it below… can you complete my puzzle, horny pervert?

If you don’t see the puzzle above, click this link: http://two.flash-gear.com/npuz/puz.php?c=v&id=3088597&k=76882124

Time yourself! See how long it takes you to solve this picture puzzle then comment below. Tell me what you think of this fun little puzzle post and perhaps if I get enough positive feedback I’ll keep posting more games for you losers to play.

The second puzzle is a simple little crossword. Print out the puzzle and fill it in. Answers will be posted next week along with the name of the winner (unless they choose to be anonymous) so make sure to solve it soon and submit your filled out puzzle. Either take a photo or scan it and email me a jpg file with your completed crossword before next Tuesday night.

Fill out this kinky crossword... if you can!
Fill out this kinky crossword… if you can!

I think that having to put together a puzzle from a sexy photo and figure out the answers to a kinky crossword will drive you weaklings into a horny frenzy. By the time you have the finished my puzzles your dicklet will be throbbing and you will be eager to serve!


10 thoughts on “Puzzle Post: June 19th, 2013

  1. Thank you Goddess Kyaa for posting these puzzles. It’s a great way to focus attention on where it should be.

  2. The Goddess Kyaa is the Alpha Female and slaves should always obey her, be creative for The Goddess Kyaa, give The Goddess Kyaa what she wants, very good puzzle, reminds me I am a Slave

  3. With shaking hands i made it in 16 mins and i WAS throbbing and dripping by the time i was finished!

    There is no limit to the ease and skill, with which You fuck my loser brain!

    Thank You, dear Goddess!

  4. I really am not into puzzles but have to admit i really enjoyed doing both of these! Thank You Goddess Kyaa for a very clever way of worshiping you and filling my night with fun!


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