New Media Update! June 10th – 17th 2013

If you follow my twitter then you might have noticed that last week I announced that I will be posting 10 new videos a week, each week, for at least the next  few weeks.

Despite being so busy that I need a dozen clones to clear my “to-do” list before I leave for Las Vegas next week I will publish 10 new videos each week for the next few weeks.

Expect to see a wide variety of fetishes in the upcoming videos, including a minimum of two real time domination videos each week’s batch of clips. I will make sure to post a new media update early each week so with a list of every video I published the week prior (except daily videos) so that you don’t miss a thing!

Check my Pay Tribute page for a new coupon code. With that code there is no excuse to not add a few videos to your collection regularly throughout the summer.

New Media Update June 10th – 17th 2013:

All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif.

This is How I Keep My Slaves – Floor Cam – Learn how I keep my male slaves in cages in this powerful domination video. Buy both versions, you know you can’t choose just one!

This is How I Keep My Slaves – Handheld Cam – Learn how I keep my male slaves in cages in this powerful domination video. Buy both versions, you know you can’t choose just one!

Implanting a New Trigger: Kneel for the Color Yellow – Sensual brainwashing featuring bright yellow thigh high socks. Buy now and watch regularly to reprogram your weak male mind so that you kneel for the trigger color yellow.

High Kicks Cocktease – In this clip I kick high into the air over and over again, teasing you with my powerful legs.

Naughty Sissy Spanked – Handheld-Cam  – At the end of the Beg For Mercy, Sissy video I filmed this real time domination spanking clip. Watch it now!

Call Me! – Get teased raw by my panties and learn how to contact me for phone domination in this sensual new video.

Bare Foot Pedaling Workout Ignore – June, 05, 2013 – My bare legs and feet go around and around. Click and pay now, pedaling fetishists!

Stretching My Tight Muscles – After my workout my muscles were tight and needed a good long stretch. So of course I made sure to torment you while I stretched!

Sounding For Beginners – Do you enjoy CBT and/or new kinky ways to play with your penis? This video is for you!

Female Slave Prays Before Goddess Kyaa – Subgirl Rexi West bows and prays to me as the one true Goddess in this special religious domination video.

Two Subs Serving Me – May 24 2013 Photo Sets – The second of three sets of photos from the multi-day real time domination session I had with my permanently collared slave goodboy4Kyaa and subgirl Rexi West. This time I’m wearing a beautiful red pin-up dress!

That’s 10 new videos and a huge new photoset I published last week.

Visit my Kinkbomb studio often and watch my twitter for links to the new videos every day of the week.


For you Clips4Sale users: Don’t forget I have a tribute button on my C4S studio, too! Now you can pay for cam time, custom videos and just send tribute to say thanks when you click the “tribute” button on my C4S studio.

7 thoughts on “New Media Update! June 10th – 17th 2013

  1. Goddess Kyaa proves her excellence over and over with such clips, they’re tokens of worship for worthless slaves. Goddess Kyaa is a genius and extremely beautiful.

  2. 10 new clips a week?! I need to get a 2nd job fast! Thank You Goddess for the new clips! You are too kind


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