Quick Post: Online Domination Schedule June, 13-23 & Las Vegas Travel

My webcam/online domination schedule for June 13th – June 23rd:

Thursday, June 13th: Online late for a few hours, check my twitter. Filming most of the day.

Friday, June 14: Noon PST – 3am Saturday morning. That’s 15 hours online in the studio dominating weak subs, draining wallets, teasing on webcam and generally being the best at what I do. Contacting me to arrange sessions ahead of time is suggested.

Saturday & Sunday, June 15/16: I will be online from sometime between 5pm and 6pm PST until late. I’ll be winging it since I’ll be busy doing some other awesome shit out of the studio in the afternoon. When I get back into the studio in the evenings on Saturday and Sunday I will be energetic, very happy and excited to jump right into dominating my subs online all night long. What I am doing in the afternoons will be shared with you bitches on Monday, so don’t worry about that.

I’ll be away Monday and Tuesday, June 17/18, as usual… but then,

Wednesday, June 19 – Sunday, June 23: Noon – 2am PST, and I’m open to webcam sessions outside those hours if you arrange it with me ahead of time. I will be online as much as fucking possible. I’ve been doing so much filming in the last couple of weeks I want to just spend most of next week and all of next weekend relaxing at my computer, being spoiled, worshiped and adored non-fucking-stop.

Because I leave on the 26th for Las Vegas! That’s right, it’s time again already, and it’s so soon! I’m not even packed yet, which is crazy for me. I’m usually packed 2 weeks in advance. Time flies when you’re fucking perfect.

It will be a 5 day trip packed with tons of filming. Who am I filming with? Well horny boy, you will need to check back here for more on that this weekend.

Now, get spending on new clips and photo sets, send tributes, pay to serve me online, buy gifts from my wishlists and fill my inbox with fanmail.

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