Sub Writing: A Poem for Goddess Kyaa

From an anonymous fan…

“The stiff spokes of this wheel
Touch the sore spots of my mind.
In my dreams there is a river
That launches and beats against this wheel
Turning it so that the water spills over into the land
That fills the globe of both my dreams and my reality.
I cannot drag out from my mind the wheel that seems to go on, incessant
Turning without the hint of ever ceasing.
It will carry for the rest of my ever the thoughts of Her –
She who controls the flow of my thoughts, my mind, the river which flows out from my dreams and life.”

Bow before me.
Bow before me.

“Goddess Kyaa alone controls this wheel,
And I have submitted to her the power to treat it as a roulett
That consumes my every drop of existence.
I hope only that when she turns it
And decides when it should cease
It will have meant something to her
If only just a brief and mutable smile.”

Beg to be owned!
Beg to be owned!


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