New Media Update! May 29th – June 9th 2013

I have so many new videos for you horny addicts!

What you will find in the list below: 10 new femdom videos. A mix of JOI/masturbation instruction, humiliation, Goddess worship and a few special videos that no loser will want to miss.

I suggest you set it to show “50” products per page (see the screenshot below) and then browse back through the last 200 products to make sure you haven’t missed any recent gems. If you have only recently discovered your addiction to my perfection you should abandon any plans you have this weekend and spend the whole time exploring my video store. Once you take the time to explore back a few years you will see that I’ve produced thousands (yes, thousands) of femdom and fetish videos in the 5 years I’ve been online dominating men.

It's not hard to set my Kinkbomb store to display 50 products per page. Just click the drop-down menu and select "50." It's that easy!
It’s not hard to set my Kinkbomb store to display 50 products per page. Just click the drop-down menu and select “50.” It’s that easy!

New Media Update May 29th – June 9th 2013:

All the videos on this list are linked to the 1080p versions. To find the other versions you will have to search for them on my studio yourself. Right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows to read the full description and drool over the preview gif.

Patterned Pantyhose Leg Teasing – Sheer Black Retro Star Printed Full Hose – Very sexy pantyhose worship for hose and leg lovers.

Cum Quickly! Looking Up My Purple Pleated Skirt – It won’t be hard to cum in 2 minutes when you are looking up my little purple pleated skirt.

I Don’t Give A Shit – Brutal, raw, merciless humiliation. Buy it now because you know you are a fucking loser.

Cum Quickly! For My Bright Yellow Thigh High Socks – Sock bitches rejoice! Buy now and jerk it for my thigh high socks.

Goddess Kyaa – Reconfirm Your Conversion – Renew your faith in Kyaaism now, worshipers.

Kicked in the Face POV – This POV video will either scare you or turn you on, depending how how much of a masochistic loser you are.

My Perfect Ass Brainwashes You to Orgasm – May 2013 – This brainwashing video starts off as a slow, seductive ass hypnosis video but builds into a powerful forced orgasm for my perfect ass.

Financial Gangbang – Domme Kyaa, Princess Rene and Domme Jayne – The ravishing Princess Rene (who I see later this month in Vegas), Domme Jayne and I team up in this clip to devastate your wallet. The only way you can please is is by going broke, so start spending.

Cum Quickly! For My Cranberry Polka-Dot Pantyhose – These pretty pantyhose will make you cum quickly.

Teaching the Tenets of Kyaaism – Wanking Isn’t Worship – Learn to focus on my pleasure and what it means to worship in this Goddess worship video.

*Once again, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the videos I released in the last ~2 weeks. What you won’t find in this list: real time domination videos with my slave(s), daily videos, wishlist hauls, blog videos, or ignore clips (of which there are generally a few each week.) To find the rest of my videos and the different versions of each of the clips I’ve listed below, visit my Kinkbomb studio and start exploring.

Choosing just one video to buy is impossible, you can’t stop adding them to the cart! When you have your new videos downloading you can come back here and comment. Rate the post with 5 stars then thank me for helping encourage you to click and pay for me. It feels so fucking good to obey, doesn’t it, bitch?

P.S. For the perverts who prefer Clips4Sale, don’t worry, I am thinking of you, too! My C4S  studio is in the process of being backed up with ALL the content you can currently find on my Kinkbomb. In the next few months it will be caught up and videos will (eventually) be released on both stores at the same time. Visit my C4S now. Check back often, there are dozens of videos going up each month until it is fully backed up.

3 thoughts on “New Media Update! May 29th – June 9th 2013

  1. Your clips are great training tools for us losers Goddess. i think i have all Your Foot clips now and can’t stop watching them daily! Dreaming of being Your Foot stool and Foot sniffer and cleaning all Your shoes and socks! Your Feet rule my pathetic life Goddess!

  2. To me browsing, clicking, paying and downloading Your Holy Videos constitutes a Holy Sacrament!

    With trembling hands, whole body tingling of anticipation i acquire nurishment for my submale soul and body. – knowing that this Sacrament will ultimately lead to the Holy Act of Goddess Worship!!!

    i also want to express my sincere gratitude to You, Goddess Kyaa, for providing all this great training material to support my development as a slave and to offer the beautiful spiritual experiences that strengthen my mental and physical dependency on You!

  3. Each and every video serves to deepen my addiction to You Divine One, Your perfection fills me with the need to serve and obey You, the Kyaaism ones are my very favorit because You are my God, Kyaaism is my salvation, my true religion. i cannot tell You how much it means to me as You teach me to be a better and more devout devotee of Your Holy Church. Your voice sends shivers through my entire body, i watch each clip from my knees knowing that the vision of utter and complete perfection i am blessed to gaze upon has actually acknowledged my existence !
    i pray in thanks and praise to You, You are a truly kind and caring God to bless us with so many gifts of Your wisdom and beauty.


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