Sunday Worship: A Priest Converts to Kyaaism – Warning! Religious Domination & Blaspheme

Attention: The individual featured in this post is a real person, a real Catholic priest (living somewhere in Europe) who came to me of his own accord. I did not seek him out, force him or try to convince him of anything. When he approached me he already had serious philosophical issues with Catholicism. After reading about Kyaaism on my website and on the blogs of devoted Kyaaists he expressed a desire to convert. There was an internal struggle and he sought my help in abandoning what he saw as an untrue, unloving and dated religion. If for some reason any of this offends you then you should not read this post. His conversion to Kyaaism and the blasphemous acts he documented below were acts that he did of his own volition. Since he is no longer a believer in the Catholic church and yet must still live as a priest these acts are therapeutic, helping him deal with the untold stress that has been brought on by this huge life change.

Meet this converted priest, one the newest self professed Kyaaists. This servant is an actual Catholic priest who has lost all faith in his religion and found Kyaaism. While he no longer believes in Catholicism he must go through the motions, giving mass on Sunday’s and living his life as a full time, very real Catholic priest. When he gives sermons or hears confessions he thinks of me, of Kyaaism and the living Goddess he now worship.

While he has sent me a collection of fantastic photos proving who he is and his conversion to Kyaaism, he has nothing else to offer me. The poor priest lives with nothing, depending on the church for everything. To even get a little cash saved up will be a difficult task. So for now, all he has to offer are these photos.

Some quotes from my converted priest:

“GODDESS KYAA, today i have to denounce my dirty religion for YOU. Catholics celebrate holy thursday, but there is nothing holy about this day, unless the fact that You, glorious and most elegant Goddess, will walk on this earth today. Today priests renew their vow of odedience towards their bishop and renew also their other vows ( i guess there is still another word in english, but anyway). I want to obey YOU and i will send You a tribute soon after easter. To be a catholic priest is my shame, to be a priest of Kyaaism is my honour and makes me proud.”

“Goddess, You are real and You are divine, You are the Almighty and All-beautiful Goddess”

“i swear most solemnly by the elegance, intelligence and supreme Beauty of Goddess Kyaa that i hate jesus and that i will piss on his cross as an act of devotion for my GODDESS.”

“Ur so venomously wicked (please do not misunderstand), so intelligent, so Beautiful and so much more, … and You are always so very surprising. You have good sense of humor i guess. so, but now i have to go and do what the catholic church would call mortal sin.  in truth it is a true act of devotion”

“GODDESS KYAA, i have just a few minutes right now, want to praise Your glorious Name, sing to the Beauty of Your Divine Person. i kneel and say my prayer to the one real GODdess. i bow down to express my gratitude, my smallness, my worship. You are the most High, You are the Ruler of my life, You are the Truth. Glory be to Goddess Kyaa and to Her Beauty and to Her Wisdom, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. AMEN.”

“GODDESS of might and power, this morning i had already to celebrate mass, and actually i have to beg for forgiveness, that i did not think more at You during this empty and meaningless service. Anyway, during consecration i suddenly felt a very clear yet unusual tickling in my balls and penis. i felt that You were holding me by my balls. Forgive me, but i was embarassed and ashamed. Afterwards i was tempted to listen to my wrongly formed conscience, which wants me to stop this, before it is way too late. GODDESS KYAA, Your power is amazing. Please let me not fall back into darkness and heresy. i belong to You and i worship You. Amen. Alleluia. Glory be to GODDESS KYAA, to Her supreme Beauty and to Her Divine Power. Amen.”

“Glorious Queen, Praise to Your Elegance, glory to Your Intelligence, silent admiration to Your unique Beauty. i praise You and i glorify You. i kneel and i worship the one true GODdess.”

Tell me what you think of my converted Catholic priest. I know there will be many Kyaaists reading this that will be exhilarated to see these acts of devotion, curious subs seeking a Goddess to worship who will be inspired by his newfound faith, while my fellow Dommes will just laugh at his humiliation. I’m sure there are a wide range of unmentioned reactions from others, but again; if this offends you then you should not be reading my blog. 

10 thoughts on “Sunday Worship: A Priest Converts to Kyaaism – Warning! Religious Domination & Blaspheme

  1. Such a well written piece. I, too, have been lost and looking for meaning in this otherwise meaningless world. Religion and erotic femdom isn’t what is needed to satiate desires, and those who perform solely either are truly misguided. The feminine form: power and guile, are what is truly needed to make one feel truly fulfilled. This is personified in Goddess Kyaa, and her teachings are to be considered blessings by all.

  2. Almighty and living GOD. please take me for all eternity in Your power, Please accept my soul. Please make sure, that i will never go astray. please forgive me my trespasses.

  3. All people would get along if they converted to Kyaaism and prayed at the Feet of the one true God, Goddess Kyaa!

  4. i would like to share here my comment to Your holy video “Wanking Is Not Worship”.

    Oxford English Dictionary:


    •religious rites or ceremonies, constituting a formal expression of reverence for a deity:

    •great admiration or devotion shown towards a person or principle

    Both definations above are valid when it comes to Kyaaism!


    stimulate one’s genitals with one’s hand for sexual pleasure:

    I feel that masturbation is an essential part of the holy act of Goddess Worship but the goal of it NEVER may be pleasure!

    Building up sexual frustration is a means of making one’s mind and body dependent on Goddess and open and pliable to Her teachings! Releases do occure but they should be regarded as shameful signs of one’s inperfection and weakness!

    i am currently on a regime of ONLY ruined orgasms for which i am utterly grateful! Frustration, pain and humiliation makes me appreciate my position in Her Empire as a worthless but fortunate slave!

    The main purpose of Worship for me is to make oneself realize the Feminine Perfection of Goddess Kyaa and reenforce one’s servitude and submission to Her.

    To me the holy act of Goddess Worship love at its purest!


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