Two Subs Serving Me – May 23 2013

When the two subs were here serving me in person a couple of weeks ago I made sure to take the time to do a photoshoot each day. Today I will share a few photos from the shoot I did with my subs on day 1, the 23rd of May. The whole set is fucking priceless. I could honestly write a paragraph or more to describe all the kinky nuances in each photo.

Take this photo, for instance.
Take this photo, for instance. To begin with, look at the where everyone is in the photo. My male slave is blindfolded in a gimp mask and locked in a cage. My subgirl is bent over my spanking bench, collared and leashed. The leash is in my hand as I sit atop the cage. Notice how you can see my subgirls bare feet, how fucking sexy her ass looks bent over in that purple leather skirt and red thong, the way she is glancing over her shoulder at you. Look at the way I am sitting atop the cage with my slave in it, spiked boots dangling, firm body so sexy in my fishnet top, long blond hair, piercing blue eyes and smirking red lips. I pull on my subgirls leash and stare down at you with a look filled with sadistic power. After all of that you can take a moment to look around at the background, my beautiful studio, the rack with chains and crops dangling and shelves full of items like dog bowls, chastity cages, sounds, high heels, and so much more.

It’s actually difficult for me to resist just putting the entire set up for free. These photos are so indescribably erotic that I want to share them with the world…And these are just the photos from day 1! Day 2 was possibly my favorite out of the 3, but you’ll have to wait until next week for those photos!

Gallery- 13 photos from the May 23rd shoot with two subs:

*Click each photo to see it full size and read the caption.

This post has 14 photos from the full set, that’s more than the top ten set and for free, too! Take the time to rate this post and comment below before you head over to my Kinkbomb to buy the full set. -Buy the full set now! All 111 photos from the set are included for just $49.95. -The top 10 set is for broke bitches. Can’t afford the full set, buy this and at least you will get 10 full size images from the full set, hand picked by me as 10 of my favorites. – 5 photos chosen especially for total fucking losers. Does being flipped off by me while my slaves bow at my feet turn you on? Buy this now!

How does it make you feel to see me dominating subs in person? Which makes you weaker, to see an owned male slave being dominated or a beautiful subgirl in submission? What would you do to serve me in real person?

Tell me which of the photos I’ve shared today are your favorites. What other real time domination photos would you like to see?

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll have a new blog post that isn’t about my two subs serving me last month, but I still have so much to share from the 3 days I spent dominating these helpless subs.

9 thoughts on “Two Subs Serving Me – May 23 2013

  1. Thank You for these epic images, Goddess Kyaa!

    They are so utterly wonderful it is hard to find the words.

    Maybe the most moving and inspiring image is the one in which your let Your subgirl to actually touch Your Sacred Body!

  2. Thank You for the photos Goddess! They were so lucky to kiss Your boots and wished it could of been me. Hopefully someday. i am so weak for Your Feet and stop thinking about them and watching Your Foot clips! i kneel before You Goddess and beg to be Your little foot bitch.

  3. These are great photos ! The more i look at them the more i like them. #sovain #giggle… All I know is…. i am where i belong.


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