Beg For My Mercy, Sissy + Rexi West Bound & Spanked to Orgasm Screenshots

I’m posting these screenshots just to tease all the submissive weaklings who frequent my blog. These screenshots, from two soon-to-be-published real time domination videos, convey just a hint of how fucking awesome these videos are… If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much would a preview video be worth? Perhaps tomorrow you bitches will be lucky enough to see one… For now, all you get are these screenshots and orders to check back soon for links so you can buy these videos.

Video 1, Beg for My Mercy, Sissy! 25 full minutes of real time domination with my permanently collared slave:

beg for mercy sissy screenshot #1
My sissy thought he was safe inside that cage, but he was terribly wrong. The whimpering, the real fear in his voice as I ordered him to grab the bars of the cage so I could beat his fingers was music to my ears.
beg for mercy sissy screenshot #2
Once I had him bent over the cage and chained with heavy steel chains so he could not move I began sadistically fucking with my sissies mind and abusing his body, making him beg for mercy while he knew there would be none!

Video 2, Rexi West Bound & Spanked To Repeated Orgasms: – 17 minutes of lesbian domination:

rexi tied #1
She got so turned on by the feeling of the rope binding her to the spanking bench that she had this sexy little smile on her face even before I started spanking her.
rexi tied #2
Once I began the spankings she started cumming, hard! Look at that face, she is in mid orgasm, tied down and being forced to take more! Luckily for Rexi, she is an insatiable horny sub girl who loves the feeling of a nice long spanking and multiple intense orgasms. has a few videos up of Rexi West already, and quite a few of me dominating my permanently collared slave. Go there now, tell it to display 50 products at a time, then browse through the most recent couple of pages.

The videos from which I took these screenshots will be published this weekend. If you horny bitches beg hard enough I’ll post a preview video with a minute or so from each of these clips tomorrow! Rate this post and comment below to beg for the preview video.

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