Quick Update: Cam Schedule & More 06-06-2013

It’s Thursday,  and that means I’m off to a running start for a long weekend of dominating horny perverts online! I fucking love this shit, it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world. I think my favorite things list goes good sex, good food, dominating slaves in person, dominating slaves online, most everything else…

So come be a part my 4th favorite thing, get dominated via webcam, phone, instant message or email.

My schedule for online domination:

Thursday, June 6: 5pm – Midnight

Friday, June 7: Noon-2am

Saturday, June 8: Noon-2am

Sunday, June 9: 10am-8pm

Monday, June 10: By appointment only

Tuesday, June 11: By appointment only

Wednesday, June 12: By appointment only

So, as you can see I am going to be directly online all weekend! That means I will be dressed up and in the studio, daily videos will be posted and all you have to do to serve me/see my webcam/get dominated is contact me and pay! First come, first to serve me.

On the days that are “appointment only” you must contact me and pay in advance, with at least 12 hours notice to arrange whatever it is you have in mind. When you schedule something with me on these days it is possible I may offer you lower rates since I enjoy scheduling things ahead of time and those days are not as busy for me as weekends.

Now that I’ve got that very important information out of the way… Have you noticed how many crazy hot posts I’ve published recently?

Just visit The Chronicles and start scrolling back!

I’ve got a ton more mind blowing stuff to share starting tomorrow afternoon, so spend some time catching up on past posts firsts, and yes, that’s an order!

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/06/04/wishlist-haul-video-may-21-2013/ – 9 minute long wishlist haul video!

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/31/spanking-the-naughty-subgirl-rexi-west-video-preview/ – 1 minute of lesbian domination bliss! Free video!

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/25/1-slave-2-slave/ – The perfect gif.

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/22/free-teaser-video-with-rexi-west-and-her-naked-boobies-may-22-2013/ – Rexi West has great tits, see them in this teaser clip!

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/19/permanently-collaring-my-slave/ – A free copy of the permanent collaring ceremony from 2011 when I collared my slave for life is up on this blog post. Watch it and see real life slavery like nothing you will find anywhere else except your fantasies.

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/17/do-sadistic-women-turn-you-on/ – Read it and if you find yourself getting a little hardon you must be attracted to sadistic, cruel, merciless women.

https://goddesskyaa.com/2013/05/15/how-i-got-here-the-story-of-how-i-became-domme-kyaa/ – This popular blog post is the real life story of how I discovered femdom!

Read and comment on ALL of them, bitches! Don’t forget to rate each one 5 stars, too!

Not only have I published all of these amazing free posts on my website, I’ve been publishing new content on my Kinkbomb daily!

Every day this month (and likely through the rest of the summer!) I’ll be adding 1 new video each Monday-Thursday, then Friday-Sunday I’ll add not 1, but 2 new videos! That doesn’t include daily videos or any photo sets I publish!

Once you have spent a while reading, rating and commenting on my free blog posts you may head over to my Kinkbomb and start shopping for yourself. Fill your cart up and buy up some of my newest videos. Download the videos, watch them each once then you must rate and comment on all them.

These are your orders, now obey my command!

p.s. If you want more interesting, challenging or personalized instructions to follow you will need to contact me and pay for my direct attention!

2 thoughts on “Quick Update: Cam Schedule & More 06-06-2013

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence and for speaking in Your Holy Bible with Your written words. Thank You for spending this weekend and many of Your weekends ruling over Your Empire as You continue taking over the world one pathetic loser at a time.
    Reading Your ” favorite things ” list made me giggle.

    From the bottom up…Your forth favorite thing- Really not to familiar with that, and now nothing can compare to being spoiled by You on Your third favorite thing to do !!
    Your third favorite thing- i volunteer for that one !!!!!! i would quit my job to be used by You full time. haha.
    Your first and second favorite things to do make me so happy and giddy for You, and is exactly why i wish i was a woman. The sex must be incredible. giggle,giggle #blush


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