Haircut – June 5th 2013

I went to the salon for a haircut today! It’s been six months or more since my last trim. The last time I got a haircut I had tried going to a new salon since my regular hairdresser was in the process of having a baby and couldn’t do my hair. It was a horrible experience, the lady was rude and she trimmed too much in some places. I hated the results and have spent the past months growing my hair back out.

Today I saw my regular hairdresser. She was excited to see me, she loves playing with my hair. We gossiped about you losers since she always enjoys laughing at the funny stories I tell of the perverts who serve me. and she even agreed to let me film the next trim I get for a hair fetish video!

Yes, you read that right, my hairdresser agreed to let me film in her salon after hours when I get my next trim (perhaps 3 months from now) while she cuts my hair! I’ll save all the hair from that trimmings and some lucky hair fetishist will get to buy it.

I didn’t save any hair trimmings for you bitches this time, but I did do before and after photos since it would be a slight change. My bangs were nearly grown out, now they are back to a nice length, and there is a ton of layering throughout the mass of my hair. The result leaves my hair just as long but with a lot less bulk and weight for me to deal with. When she finished she took the time to play with it, flat iron and put a little product in it. It feels fresh and light, I am loving it already.

Today’s trip to the salon was a two hour appointment that cost me just $120, including a large tip. That’s only because my hairdresser loves doing my hair so much she charges me nearly half the regular price one would pay if you just walked in off the street. When I go in next time I’ll be tipping at least $100 on top of the cost of the appointment to thank her for agreeing to be on film for a hair-cutting video. Hair addicts should start saving now so they can cover the cost of my next appointment and buy the fresh hair trimmings.

June 5 2013 Haircut Before
Before my haircut.
After my haircut!
After my haircut!

Don’t you just fucking love my long, %100 natural, beautiful blonde tresses?

8 thoughts on “Haircut – June 5th 2013

  1. Beautiful Goddess! Even if one isn’t a hair fetishist, it would be an honor to own some Your hair. All who worship You should have an alter of worship for when praying to You! Of course, being the total foot loser i am and being in such love with Your Feet, i would LOVE to be own some of Your Foot things like toenails, pedi dust, old shoes or socks!

  2. This beautiful, elegant young with angelic face and more than perfect figure, dressed in blue jeans, is ACTUALLY a sadistic Goddess that controls me and many more sub males around the globe.

    This contradiction is cunningly captured in these Hair Cut images! Thank You very much for posting them! Just great!!!


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