Quick Post: Orders for you to obey – May 28, 2013

I’m exhausted after my week of fun, but don’t worry. Starting Thursday I’ll be bombarding you bitches with tweets, blog posts & videos of the two slaves I dominated last week.

Sunday I dropped Rexi West off at the airport in the evening and before she landed I was asleep in my girlfriends arms, both of us having had multiple loud orgasms. Monday was spent cuddled on the couch with my sweetie and my cat. All three of us needed a day of total rest. Now there is clean up and endless hours of video editing and writing to do for all the new content I shot with my two slaves. Luckily Rexi turned out to be such a good sub that she eagerly helped with much of the cleanup and helped keep things tidy as we went along so it isn’t going to be that bad.

Soon I’ll have all the dirty details I know you perverts are looking for, photos and even some preview videos. Check back here soon.

For now you need to…

1. Get onto my Kinkbomb and find new videos.

2. Buy them and/or send tributes. Shop on my wishlists. SPEND!

3. Then come back here and rate/comment on the last few posts.

4. After you have done that you should tweet to me and tell me what you want to know about my time spent dominating my permanently collared male bitch and a beautiful slavegirl who was on loan from her owner in Las Vegas.

3 thoughts on “Quick Post: Orders for you to obey – May 28, 2013

  1. Divine One, i am so happy that You had fun with two very lucky slaves, i look forward (with a tinge of envy ) to hearing the details You are going to share with us. You are a kind and caring God! To serve and worship You is privilege i know i could never be worthy of and yet You bless me.

    on my knees i pray in thanks and praise to You.


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