Free Teaser Video with Rexi West (and her naked boobies!) May 22, 2013

Here’s a quicky teaser video I shot of Rexi West sitting topless on my lap while I’m on my throne. We talk a little about our day so far then I show you how well she obeys my commands when I order her to stand, turn around and receive a spanking. She moans slightly, loving the feeling of my slapper on her bare ass…

Just 2 minutes, a peek into my world. Soon there will be videos for sale, but for now you should be following my twitter for photos of all the kinky fun.

While you wait for more you should be visiting my Kinkbomb studio and shopping! Buy clips, send tributes. I want you spending while I’m spanking her! That’s an order!

*Note – I obviously didn’t cut off the beginning of the video where I started saying it’s Thursday instead of Wednesday… I’d just finished making her cum several times so I’ll blame Rexi as being too distracting and making it difficult to remember what day it is.

5 thoughts on “Free Teaser Video with Rexi West (and her naked boobies!) May 22, 2013

  1. Oh Goddess, i dream of You sitting on Your throne while You have me leashed and groveling at Your perfect Feet. Just to smell their lovely aroma would be heaven. i would do anything You ask just to be able to clean them from all dirt and sweat. i pray on knees to one day be able to do so.

  2. there is no chance of resisting after watching this video…goddess I am your sissy …do with me as you please

  3. God watching you just dominate another woman makes me feel like this should be the natural order of the world all the time, everywhere.

  4. Your sissy may be wrong Goddess Kyaa, but it believes this is the first video of Yours it has ever seen with naked “boobies”. It is startling!! Very nice…VERY nice…but startling!! Rexi is literally gushing and giggly from Her enjoyment of what You are doing to Her, and who can blame Her??? To be turned over Your knee like that and sensually spanked would be a dream come true for Your sissy. Of course, if it were me, I wouldn’t imagine You would allow ANY cumming, or be quite so gentle. No doubt You would insist on shaved chastity, and a humiliating maid outfit, with some sort of dildo gag to stifle sissy moans while You reddened my bottom for Your camera. But this just seems like YOU in Your natural element…reveling in the gorgeous curves of a woman’s body and doing what You do best…DOMINATING, and TEASING, and making it art.


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