A Lifetime Commitment: Permanent Slavery – Part 1

I thought of collaring slaves and collaring ceremonies when reading old BDSM books like Story of O years before I began enslaving men professionally. Of course the idea that I might find a committed and obedient enough sub seemed far fetched, and so I let it just be a little fantasy I’d occasionally mull over. The idea was so intriguing to me that I researched collars until I found something that was surpassed any expectations I previously had…

Brand new, still in the box, and yet to be locked around my slaves neck..
Brand new, still in the box, and yet to be locked around my slaves neck..

I kept this discovery to myself for years, quietly plotting until I actually found a slave that had all the required characteristics of a slave I would want to own for the rest of it’s natural life.

Just months after I began an online presence a poor old pervert who I dubbed goodboy4Kyaa began paying small tributes, buying gifts and clips on a regular basis. Whenever I posted anything he would be the first to buy it, the first to rate and leave feedback, he always commented on everything and was constantly obsessing over everything I did. For three whole years he served me online. Faithfully and blindly he obeyed my every command. There was nothing to stop him from serving me, no familial complications or a job he would get fired from if he showed up wearing a metal slave collar. Moreover, he was eager to please and quick to accept my total and complete superiority over him. No matter the order he would obey, no matter how disgusting or difficult he would gladly obey if it would make me happy.

I decided that he would be mine, for life. I would make him my property, my object. No longer an individual who makes decisions for himself, I would lock that collar around his neck and make him mine … Even though he is just a pathetic old pervert, he will be my pathetic old pervert forever.

Goddess Kyaa and her slave Aug 11(48)
There’s no going back, my bitch goodboy4Kyaa will be buried with my collar around his owned neck.


*this will be edited with more later*

9 thoughts on “A Lifetime Commitment: Permanent Slavery – Part 1

  1. goodboy4kyaa is an inspiration for us other losers Goddess. i talk to him frequently and he has good insights on what it means to be a true slave. he is a very luck guy for sure. It takes a a lot of guts to be collared like that. i could never do so cause of my job and family but would there be other ways i could be “marked?” like that from You. his devotion to You makes me strive to be a good little loser for You as i begin my path to Kyaaism. Like Obi Wan told Luke in a New Hope, you have taken your first step, into a much larger world.


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