Permanently Collaring My Slave

If you know anything about me as a Domme besides the obvious (I’m gorgeous) you will have learned about my permanently collared slave. In August 2011 I made history when I actually collared a real live sub male for life with a custom made titanium collar. This particular titanium collar has an internal locking mechanism which, once locked, becomes permanent. The only way for my slave to be free of this constant reminder of his status as piece of property would be to have it cut from his neck, not an simple task to say the least.

Nearly two full years later my owned slave still wears my collar. The past months have been but an introduction to his new life as a publicly, visibly, permanently owned slave. Each day he must go through life proudly displaying to the world that he is an owned sub male pervert, “Kyaa’s” owned sub male pervert.

I’ll have a more detailed post with photos from his last visit for you tomorrow, but to begin preparing you all for the epic kinky fun I’ll be having later this week I’ve decided to share the full video of my slaves collaring ceremony.

This video is really very raw. In it you will get to see me help my nervous slave say his vows to me and lock the collar around his own neck! There was little to no rehearsal, this is raw, real, true domination. Total domination without pretense or a script. After his collaring I edited it quickly and put it up for sale… that is what you see here. Soon I’ll be re-editing it on better software and replacing the old file with a new improved version. So watch now and enjoy seeing this historic moment!

The video should display above. Below is the link to this video on Kinkbomb.

Just look at how many subs have left feedback on this video!

Feedback for the permanent collaring ceremony video on KB

Let me know what your reaction is, how does this make you think/feel?

Do you have any questions for me or my slave in regards to his collaring/collar?

Comment below!

20 thoughts on “Permanently Collaring My Slave

  1. Wow I found that watching the ceremony had a very profound effect on me as a slave. life changing ? … maybe it is, i can not actually fully describe the emotions I felt, but it was real, my breathing and heart started to race and I felt overwhelmed with the overall magnitude of the event, it was a very positive feeling but certainly had a very deep emotional effect for me.


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