Quick Update : out for drinks

I’m out for impromptu drinks and late night food with friends. Go spend to cover my fun, bitches. It’s your job to make sure I’m being spoiled while I’m out.
There are tons of new spending videos on Kinkbomb, so get ! Click, pay, stroke!


I looked even more fabulous while filming earlier today.

4 thoughts on “Quick Update : out for drinks

  1. Goddess, Your eyes are so penetrating. They see into my soul. You already know me better than i know myself.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of Your existence, and be allowed to kneel below You and Worship Your perfection.

  3. Utterly devastating, it becomes more and more obvious with each passing day why legions of subs kneel before You. Such beauty and sensuality mixed with natural dominance and intelligence that kneeling before You in supplication, surrendering all will to You is as natural as breathing.


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