Quick Update May 7th, 2013

Yesterday my girlfriend and I spent most of the day looking at houses. I wish I had brought my camera or thought to use the one on my phone, because some of them were fucking terrible! One advertised that it had a pool and sauna but when I arrived the once beautiful backyard was totally overgrown. The sauna was covered in brambles and when we pried the door open it was filthy in there, dirt and grime covering everything. The deck around the pool was broken and rotting. The house had obviously been recently renovated, it was rather nice. But the rest of the property had been given back to the wilds, it seems.

Every property we visited had something that made it a “no” within minutes of getting out of the car. After a while it gets rather funny, actually. We start guessing what will be wrong with the next place we look at… rooms are too small, ugly stucco ceilings (look terrible in videos!), the carpets will be stained/ugly or hardwood floors have big nasty gaps, neighbors too close… Yes, I’m picky, but I’m sure you know why.

So we are widening are search… Next week we will be taking trips into Northern WA to look at some promising properties. Once again, we are just renting for now, but if I’m going to be paying the insane prices one pays to rent in this economy I want it to be the right place. The next house we move into may be one of the last places I rent before I buy a house, so it needs to be the right one.

The only thing you can do to help is to work hard, earn as much money as you can, and keep spending regularly. Remember, it’s not like I have a vanilla job. When I begin looking to buy a house in a few years it will be you bitches who tribute your life savings to make sure I have a huge down deposit for my dream property.

Pay Tribute Now

3 thoughts on “Quick Update May 7th, 2013

  1. Best of luck to You and Your GF with the search Goddess Kyaa. As much as You are ‘The Goddess Kyaa’, You also need Your own personal private ‘home’ space, to live and think and be spiritual in, in Your own unique way. We all do, if we’re human. You deserve only the best, of everything. Knowing You as I think (and hope) I do, You won’t settle for anything less. If I could buy You Stonehenge, with a mansion/spa with every amenity alongside, I would.

  2. House and apartment hunting can be really tedious and tiresome!

    i do sympathize with Your challange! It is not easy to find a property suited to Your very special Goddess needs.

    i will do my tiny and unworthy contribution to this endeavour of Yours by serving You while learning to obey!!! Best of luck to Your hunting!

  3. Even though i am a dummy ,i have experience in moving and it does take time. If i remember correctly You have 5-6-7 months left. hehe Time is somewhat on Your side. Sometimes [i think] , find an area that You would like to live in, go there and drive the streets, lots of times those are the houses You find, they are not really advertised online, paper etc.

    Wish i could drive the streets for You Goddess Kyaa,i have an idea what You are looking for. Nice neighborhood with ..maybe at least an acre. aka space. Although Your work is not vanilla, it is beautiful and in the higher class neighborhoods [for lack of a better description] ,people tend to be busy doing there own things. They don’t really care what You are doing. A nice house with an acre+ with maybe a “guest house” or seperate place for Your “office” giggle,is generally going to be in the nicer neghborhoods.

    Not tring be be nosey or an old fuddy – duddy, You wrote this post and this is a brief description what quickly went through my loser mind. The country homes are fine too, but every time You want a gallon of milk,or an ice cream cone…it’s a trip, a journey.giggle

    Anyway thank You for a small peak into Your beautiful world.
    P.S. i am prepared for “shut up loser” giggle,giggle


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