Chastity: It’s All About Me…

My sissy in chastity known as sissysplosh recently stayed up all night watching this chastity training video over and over…

Remember, it's all about ME. Do not think about how much you want to stroke, no not think about how badly you need to cum... just think about how much you wish to please me!
Remember, it’s all about ME. Do not think about how much you want to stroke, no not think about how badly you need to cum… just think about how much you wish to please me!

Once he had started to memorize my words he began transcribing the video, but from his perspective. When you read it you will get to experience this powerful video from the perspective of my weak and obedient sissy in chastity! This is a fantastic little bit of auto-pilot submission. When my slaves are inspired to put in this much effort without having to be told what to do and without the encouragement of a potential reward. This is an example of how you can do something that will improve your dedication and please me at the same time, all without having to spend any extra money.

I fucking love being spoiled, receiving tribute after tribute, my mailbox full of gifts from my wishlist and my bank account brimming with loser cash… but not all subs can be big spenders. Learn from this, you too can work on doing something as simple as transcribing my videos from your perspective as an exercise that will deepen your submission while amusing me with your efforts at the same time.

It’s All About HER!

Transcribed by sissysplosh

“Being locked up for Goddess Kyaa has its good and its bad sides. One, I am pleasing Her. I am making Her happy. I am doing what Goddess Kyaa wants. On the other hand, I’m having to deny myself. I’m having to give up my own greedy male impulses to make Goddess Kyaa happy, and that is not easy.

Seeing Goddess Kyaa dangle the key to my lock there around Her neck, as She mocks me for my predicament, makes things better. Knowing that I can’t stroke while all the other losers out there are wanking away, while I have to be in chastity, does drive me nuts…

But I must remember ONE important thing… the most important thing that every good little chastity slave knows…when I am locked up for Her, when I have no control over my own dicklet, it’s because I am being taught the Golden Rule, I am learning that it’s all about The Goddess Kyaa.

My little chastity slave dicklet is just aching in Her cage. My key… the key to my salvation… my freedom… the key to my cage… the cage holding my horny little dicklet in place… while She has it dangling there around Her perfect neck… I must remember… I must remember at ALL times, that I serve Her, and WORSHIP Her, like a good boy.

It’s all about HER now.

I am just a pathetic little loser. Goddess Kyaa’s dirty little chastity slave. Now I serve Her. Only Her. I LIVE to please Her. And it pleases Her to keep me locked up. It pleases Goddess Kyaa to make me worship Her heels and Her legs and Her ass. To taunt me and turn me on even though She knows I can’t stroke because She has my horny dicklet locked up. She has it locked up, and I can’t stroke. I can’t stroke because I live to please Her now. I LIVE for Her now.

Her key in my face, the key She has, locking my horny little dicklet up? I have to watch Her swing it… watch it swing back and forth in front of my face, while I swell in my cage. SWELL like the little bitch I am all locked away. I must remember that it is ALL ABOUT GODDESS KYAA. I am just a pathetic chastity locked little slave. I must worship Her gorgeous ass. I will not cum. I am not allowed to cum. I just simply don’t deserve it. Looking at Goddess Kyaa’s complete Perfection, I do NOT get to cum. I get to stay locked in Her chastity. Because this loser is being taught to grow past those greedy, cumming habits.”

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4 thoughts on “Chastity: It’s All About Me…

  1. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to humiliate Your chastity slave by posting to Your blog about its pathetic rantings in its auto-pilot submission to Your Perfection. Your sissy knows very well that it is not worthy. Having to watch Your brainwashing taunt video over and over again in ACHING chastity for You, and trying to sleep in it while Your words were looping and digging deep into my sissy head, was one of the most intensely beautiful submissions to You EVER! You had Your sissy’s locked clitty worshiping You by pounding helplessly in its cage for You for over 48 hours straight! Twitching and throbbing uncontrollably, over and and over and over again, to every word You speak in that AMAZING video! For Your sissy, everything was absolutely and completely about worshiping and suffering for YOU the entire time. While You were sleeping, You were being worshiped. While You were casually going about Your day, You were owning every desperate throb of Your sissy’s dicklet. While You were cooking, or hiking, or just lounging around playing video games with Your GF, Your sissy’s balls were turning more and more purple for Your Perfection, to every word You were speaking.

    The same thing is happening again now, as I try to write this to You. Your sissy knows that it let You down with its modem problem, but it eagerly obeyed the last order You gave it to to stay locked for You. Your video is looping again on Your sissy’s computer, in the background while I try to type, and just Your addicted voice is driving me CRAZY again!!!

    To Kyaasbard…The Goddess Kyaa doesn’t always keep me in chastity. There was a year there where She had me ‘under contract’, and I was required to request in advance any timeout, even for a few minutes. Lately it has only been an ‘understood’ kind of thing…I’m not allowed to watch any of Her videos or go online for Her unless in chastity. Very true that “wanking is not worship”. Unless She demands it, of course. (I’m dreaming here…but to be ordered to cum on cam before Goddess Kyaa, while She laughs, is a HUGE fantasy!

    And to GB4Kyaa…I honestly don’t know how you can exist for our Goddess the way you do WITHOUT being in chastity!!!??!! How do you watch Her videos without getting the puffy on the second you hear Her voice, and making an instant mess of yourself? I’ve tried. Without being in chastity for Her, I can’t watch more than 30 seconds of any of Her videos before…that happens. She’s that Perfect and Intoxicating!

  2. Kyaaists in chastity, perhaps this should be out natural state! So we can concentrate on what is really important………………The Divine One Goddess Kyaa !

  3. So well put, it is “all about Her” Her pleasure, Her amusement, Her wants are out needs. Though i am not locked i am on restricted orgasams (one per month) like you sissysplosh my devotion is increased by my denial, daily prayers at Her altar watching video after video responding to Her words as though She were there, visually taking in every inch of Her perfection on film and in still photographs. All the time knowing i will not sin by spilling my filthy slave slime until the appointed date.
    Wanking is not Worship.

  4. To be brutally honest, i don’t see how Your chastity slaves do it day in and day out for months at a time. How do they watch Your videos for 10-12 hours on any given day,or 3-4 everyday,and even locked in Your sin cage,how do they not cum. i no comprehend. lol i would have a stroke.haha #cumwhore #giggle

    To clarify that. my dicklet stays caged 12-16 hours a day [not at work]. So Your chastity works as a great deterient, but it is not fool proof to me. #giggle Morning Worship of Your existence, at least 2-3-4 hours before work,early morning Sunday Worship Services will last anywhere from 6-12 hours. Multiple times during any given week,my loser dicklet fills Your cage to the brim [especially for morning Worship hehe] …and sacred cum just begins to build up like Mt.St.Helens. After a week 10-15 days….seriously.Something has got to pop.

    One day i simply put my loser hand on Your sin cage and jerked Your sin cage like there was no tomorrow, little dicklet takes a beating in Your sin cage for hours,sometimes ripping the skin off,but when i did cum,holy orgasm,cum shot all over my slutty face. #giggle i guess because dicklet can’t really expand to it’s full ….potential..[haha] the combustion,it was a volcano of cum. Best orgasm i ever had was beating the hell out of Your sin cage….until i obeyed and learned how to earn an orgasm.
    [i don’t think i could ever stroke if You were “really” watching,i don’t think i can do that, hehe,i weird like that. These are Your videos,that’s different. #sigh]

    To wrap this up [haha] i guess there is 2 points. One is,i do not understand how Your Chasity slaves do it for …so long.They must not even touch Your cage,but if they are that strong ,why the cage in the first place. That being said, i never cum unless its through Your sin cage ….it’s the best orgasm ! And it takes a long time to get there,this way i can watch Your videos 10-15, one after another. Without Your sin cage,i would never make it. What can i say,i am a weak,horny, cum whore #giggle

    But most importantly is You Goddess Kyaa are the best Owner a submissive could ever dream of having. You know all of the minions in Your Empire are different,You know how to use each and everyone of us for Your glory. No two of us are the same and the way You rule over Your beautiful Sadistic Empire is simply amazing.


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