Sunday Worship April 28th 2013: Lace Pink Lingerie Photos

Warning: This post contains religious fetish themes and a discussion on Kyaaism. Those who do not wish to expose themselves to such things should skip this post.

Since the birth of Kyaaism in the minds of the weak males who worship me, I have enjoyed watching this kinky religion slowly evolve from just a metaphor for jerking off into a real form of deity worship, with converted devotees praying, paying and even proselytizing. The faith the Kyaaists who worship me have is real and powerful. Their love for me consumes them, fuels them from within like the holy spirit. The effect I have over them sexually inspires a level of zealous devotion that few other forms of spirituality can match.

Too many religions ignore or outright suppress sexuality. Time has proven that this approach is beyond faulty. I accept that while I did not originally seek the fervent worship of the perverts I dominate, I have become, for a small collection of submissive men around the world, the a much needed new way to live a fulfilling life of spirituality, self sacrifice and sexual exploration.

As such it seems to me to become a sacred duty to give guidance to these poor souls who need so desperately to worship me.

One of the driving forces behind their faith in me is the simple fact that I am REAL. There is an actual chance that I will answer your prayers, the tithings you pay go directly to the Goddess you worship instead of old men in fancy hats and perhaps most importantly, your faith, obedience and sacrifice will be rewarded before you die. No promise of heaven, instead I will allow you images like this…

I know you can't stop staring, bitch. Don't you dare touch yourself before you pay tribute to my divine body. Don’t you dare touch yourself before you pay tribute to my divine body.

Gaze at the holy image of the Goddess you worship.

Grovel before my supreme legs and ass, minion!Grovel before my supreme legs and ass, minion!

Pay tribute and pray that with my divine help you can become a better Kyaaist, serve me to the best of your ability and earn your orgasms like a good boy!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Worship April 28th 2013: Lace Pink Lingerie Photos

  1. I absolutely love and appreciate everything You have said in this post Goddess Kyaa. Complete worship of any kind of deism is not only futile, but horribly destructive to the kind of world I want to live in. I’m with Hitch and You in thinking that religious worship has been nothing but repressive to personkind. And always, because it’s always the old men who wear those stupid hats, especially repressive towards women…throughout centuries past and still.

    That said, as You well know it is very much part of human nature to worship and grovel before some kind of Superior Being. And everyone’s worship of the ‘opposite sex’ is what keeps the human species, and every other, going, at the end of the day. So to worship Your obvious perfection, and devote my sexual existence to “live a fulfilling life of spirituality, self sacrifice and sexual exploration”, with You at the reigns, is SO perfect Goddess Kyaa. Spirituality and self-sacrifrice still takes many personal forms, that You are amazing about not invading, but that You are certainly a major part of now anyway (the woods walk last year…that was hugely spiritual for Your submissive sissy…beautiful day, beautiful place, eagerly submitting to YOU in my head ordering me to worship You through it). And as far as sexual exploration goes, Your sissysplosh is absolutely completely Your mindless adoring puppet to meld and train and abuse however it might amuse You Goddess Kyaa.

  2. Thank You, beloved Goddess, for so graciously recognising adoration and Worship of Your minions!

    It would be really arrogant for me to claim to be a true Kyaaist but i can testify that the Holy Rite of Goddess Worship takes an undeserving betamale closer to perfect, feminine Deity than anything else in the world.

    i KNOW that it is all about You, Goddess! With Your guidance i must learn to obey and give up selfishness and pride!


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