New Media Update! 03-06-2013

It’s been about 2 weeks since my last new media update and while there have been many eager slaves clicking and paying for all these fantastic new videos I’m sure there are many here that some of you have missed. More than one new video every day means it’s easy to lose track of all the new content I’m constantly publishing. Once again the list you see below contains links to the 1080p versions of new videos released since the last new media update.

This list does not even contain all the new content. It just lists the main new videos, leaving out daily videos, many custom videos and photo sets that are also being added regularly. Make sure you check my Kinkbomb store, set it to display 50 items at a time, and scroll back a few pages. Carefully search for things you haven’t noticed before, you never know what gem you might find.

There are so many videos here I’m just listing them by title again. To read the full description and view the gif just right click to open the pages in new tabs or windows. Once you have read through them all pick a few (or all of them) to purchase. Spend some time watching them then leaving written feedback for each video you buy. This ritual of buying my videos and thanking me through feedback is one that many of my dedicated puppets already know well, but I know that there are even more of you out there who need to learn how to be an obedient slave. This is how you begin.

It’s time to click, pay and obey!

*Blue Eyed Brainwashing “Weak and Obedient”

*Zipper Fetish Reinforcement

Christmas Eve Workout Ignore

*“Three’s A Charm” Degrading JOI from Domme Jayne, Goddess Kyaa and Princess Rene

Shower Video Experiment (using waterproof case for new camera) – 14 minutes of wet feet!

Bitch Slapping Instructions in the Library

*Addict for Custom Videos from Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne

Collared Bitch in My Cage – Voyeur Cam

*Cum Quickly! As We Make Out and Grind Bodies in Vegas

*Blonde Domme Domination with Princess Rene

Don’t Forget To Stretch

Brushing My Wet Hair Jan 2013

Feminizing Tiny Dicks Orgasm Instructions

Sissy Training – Make Up Tips #1 Preparation

Extreme Toe Pointing in Tiny Pink Socks

Luxurious Shower in Vegas – Wet Soapy Feet!

*Submission Positions – Standing, Kneeling, Sitting and Face to Floor – Shown with Collared Bitch Goodboy4Kyaa in Live Domination Session

*These videos are personally recommended for subs of all types.

My girlfriend has been slowly chipping away at the mountain of content that needs to be added to Clips4Sale. It’s so awesome to have her help with this project, saving me time to spend filming new videos in the coming weeks. Having a second pair of eyes on things also means that missing or broken content can be found and fixed more quickly. Those subs who prefer Clips4Sale should be giddy with excitement over all the content being added there. Check back regularly to find dozens of new videos available each week until we are caught up:

Thank me for helping you keep up to date with all the new videos I publish and beg for a new coupon code on my Pay Tribute page. If I get enough comments from enough different bitches I may be compelled to allow you poor fools another coupon code for my Kinkbomb studio so that you can afford to actually buy these new videos.

P.S. In case you didn’t know why you should follow my instructions to open up each video link to read the description and view the gif here is a gif from one of the videos listed above. If you can manage to stop drooling over it you can thank me for helping you take the leap later… just get spending, bitch!

Feminizing tiny dicks orgasm control gif

3 thoughts on “New Media Update! 03-06-2013

  1. Thank You for all of Your videos Goddess Kyaa.i would truly be lost and awashed in a useless life of filthy sin without them. You are God !

  2. Goddess Kyaa, i am very grateful for two things; that You let Your minions to have these numerous new clips in a constant flow and that You take the time to guide us to find them! You are right; going thru Your new clips, buying, watching, Worshiping and commenting is a ritual most enjoyable! i must say i have a lot of outstanding Worshiping to do. i constantly plan and think of the next chance i get to set up Your altar (laptop or phone) and devote myself to You, Goddess.

    With the help of Your clips even the most insignificant betamale can enter the Paradise and enjoy the presence of the most beautiful and wise Goddess! The Worship Sessions are pure Acts of Love that otherwise would be totally out of reach for a loser worm like me.


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