Schedule for early March

I’m going to be going pretty heavy on the cam time over the next week. As soon as you a paycheck in March you will be spending every spare dollar worshiping me. First off you need to get signed up on Glamworship. Even if you aren’t into the ignore cam thing you will still be missing out on free cock teasing shows each week. I will be using Glamworship to give surprise tease shows on a semi-regular basis. If you are online and signed up all you have to do is join the chat room to view the live feed for free. It isn’t always free, in fact it’s just a few minutes a week that I do any free cam time on Glamworship, but you need to be singed up on the site and watching my twitter for announcements so you don’t miss out in the future.

Today I spent about 15 minutes teasing in socks and bare feet, next time it may be up skirt, cleavage, the only way you will find out is to follow my instructions and be there!

free glamcam 2-28-2013

From Friday afternoon through Monday evening (it’s going to be a very long and exhausting weekend of submission for you bitches!) I will be online and available for worship 24/7. Only within the hours posted below will you be able to call on NiteFlirt or worship on my Glamworship group cam. Outside of these hours you MUST schedule in advance. It isn’t difficult do do this, just contact me, make arrangements with me and send an inital tribute to secure your time with me. Then you can wait with building excitement for your worship time.

Within the hours posted below you will be able to call on NiteFlirt, worship my Glamworship group cam and pay tribute in various ways to worship me privately over skype.

schedule early march

Beyond the massive amount of time I will be spending in the studio abusing weak males around the world this weekend I also have several new blog posts (did you see the one I put up last night?) and so many  new videos going up for sale you surely cannot keep up with everything. Don’t fear. I also have a New Media Update going up this weekend so you can keep track of all the new content.

4 thoughts on “Schedule for early March

  1. Goddess Kyaa, You have already left this dog feeling unworthy of any sight of You but Your feet and ankles, lying at heel like the heel puppy it seeks to become

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa to be allowed to know of, and Worship Your existence. Without knowing that, nothing is possible.

  3. You are so kind to give us a schedule of Your time Goddess. I am sure that March will be a amazing month full of clicking, paying and of course obeying perfect Goddess Kyaa. Also can’t wait to catch you on glam, You are too kind to us.


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