What to expect this week…

Tomorrow you bitches will be getting 2 posts! One full of gorgeous photos from a soon-to-be-for-sale photoset my girlfriend took with the cannon in the studio before my Vegas trip last month.  The second will be a quick update with information on my schedule for the next 2 weeks.

Thursday you will be getting a post on Glamworship, how it works, how to access my cams and information on how to get access to the infamous 24/7 ignore cam.

Friday you will be getting the 3rd installment of my Vegas adventures!

Sometime this week you will also get another new media update. There are tons of new videos going up on Kinkbomb. My girlfriend has been helping me back up Clips4Sale so if you use that site make sure to check there often because dozens of videos are being added every few days until it is fully backed up.

Basically I’m going to be overwhelming you with new posts and content to buy. It’s important that you remember to click and pay for new videos, send tributes and buy gifts often. Show your thanks for all the hard work I put into abusing you bitches and updating this website regularly by spending.

Rating and commenting on every single post is another good way to show your thanks but it’s still not as good as going broke buying clips.

Here is a preview of tomorrow’s photo set post:

I want more!
I want more!

5 thoughts on “What to expect this week…

  1. this eager puppy dog has obediently ‘fetched’ an account for Glamworship Goddess Kyaa, and once dismissed tonight will be sniffing out Your puppy dog training videos and begin its training

  2. When I first saw that pictures I instantly knew I had to worship it. Goddess Kyaa is just amazing. And after seeing more of the set I cant wait till i have the honor of paying Goddess to worship those pics.

  3. Thank you Goddess for being generous with your time and energy! It is overwhelming how much you do for us! Do want everyone to go broke for you completely?!

  4. yikes! This one photo is more than i deserve Goddess Kyaa.i don’t know weather to supplicate in silence or squeal. Looking forward to this set of Your photos.You look so playful ! Oh ,,,i can’t wait
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa !


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