Goddess Kyaa shows off her new sissy maid to Domme Jayne – The story of a custom video

Inspired by another video I shot my sissy splosh sent a fantastically involved custom video request. Knowing that I don’t do scripts or involved fantasy videos often, this sissy was hopeful that the video I would make might involve many of the nuances of the multi-page request he sent us, but he certainly wasn’t expecting to have his little mind blown with a dream come true custom video!While there is a lot going on in this video there are not a ton of props or crazy outfits so we dove into it and truly had fun making this complex fantasy come to life. There is no better way to explain the video than to share the original request sent by my sissy splosh. After that you will see the very excited reply we received thanking us for this video. Read through them both then buy the video linked below.

Custom Video Plead For Goddess Kyaa & Domme Jayne
Hello Goddess Kyaa. Your sissy is pathetically requesting this video from Your and Domme Jayne’s Perfections, out of its devastating imagination of what You could and might do to it at some point along its way. It is based on Your “Visiting My New Puppy In Training” video, with a taunting sissy chastity twist.
In ‘Exposing My Helpless Sissy Maid’ (or whatever You might choose to call it), You and Domme Jayne would walk down Your basement stairs the way You do in Your puppy training video. In this one though, You would begin by jingling Your sissy bell, off camera, and calling out “Hello my helpless sissy!!! I have a VERY special humiliation for you today…ha ha!” (You and Domme Jayne chat casually about the weather or whatever, with Your heels at the top of the stairs as You make more jingle jingles on Your sissy bell).
YOU: Wanna see what I’ve done to my little sissy bitch?
DOMME JAYNE: YES! I’m so excited that you’re going to lend him to me to clean house!
YOU: Well, he still has some appropriate maid manners to learn yet, but I must admit he IS getting better. Training him as a puppy dog just wasn’t working. He got way too into it. All that panting and leg humping was disgusting! So when I found him sniffing around in my laundry hamper last week I figured if he loves my dirty panties so much I’ll make him into my sissy maid
DOMME JAYNE: Eeewww grossss!!! But you said it was so much fun taking him for naked walkies outside!?!
YOU: OH, It was! Making him pee in the bushes with his leg lifted up was the BEST, but he was so humiliated he got stagefright and could never do anything but dribble down himself. I still take him outside, just because he hates it so much. In fact I made him go out just this morning and collect the mail in his maid outfit. I just lounged inside in my sweats and sipped on my coffee and watched him hobble in his heels through the window. HILARIOUS!
DOMME JAYNE: All the way down that long driveway to the mailbox??? Out in the open?? What if people saw him???
YOU: Oh, they did I’m sure. There must have been twenty cars that went past while he was out there all helpless. But so what? He’s my sissy bitch maid now. He has to do whatever demeaning little chores I tell him to, and learn to worship me for the humiliation.
You jingle my sissy bell, and call out “Are you ready to amuse, my sissy? ASSUME THE POSITION!”
You and Domme Jayne walk down the stairs, Your heels clacking, and stop at the bottom with Your camera on You from a distance, so Your sissy has to witness and worship You both from head to toe…
YOU: He IS a girl now…a pink girly girl sissy maid all for ME to use and humiliate just for fun!
YOU: Curtsey for Domme Jayne my little sissy!!
Your sissy does its best to curtsey for Domme Jayne
DOMME JAYNE: Oh, how sweet! He even said ‘thank You’!! OMG I LOVE the pink bows!!!
YOU: He’s just trying to impress You. I think he has a ‘thing’ for Your tits. Such a pathetic slut!!!!!!!
DOMME JAYNE: Dirty sissy!!!!!!!! BAD!!! So what did you do with his dicklet?…I remember how tiny it was when you showed it to me while he was your dog!
YOU: Lift up your skirt my SLUT…and show Domme Jayne what She wants to see!!!
You both pause at this point, giggling or sneering or snickering, however You wish to ‘play it’. Domme Jayne breaks the silence with that gleam She always seems to have in Her eyes:
DOMME JAYNE: OOOHHHH WOOOWWW! What cute little panties!!! What an adorable little sissy!!!!!!
YOU: Yes, I’m teaching him to respect women’s panties by making him wear them 24/7. They aren’t for HIS pleasure, they’re for OURS!!!! He HATES having to wear them, but he had to be punished for trying to sniff mine while he was my doggy. That was just unacceptable. Disgusting!!!!!
DOMME JAYNE: Eeeww YES! How disrespectful! BAD doggy!
You jingle Your bell again…3 times quickly as if it is a signal that Your sissy has had to learn
YOU: You know what 3 jingles means, DON’T YOU MY SISSY!??!!! Don’t you DARE disappoint me now!!!
At that Your sissy must pull its panties down to its knees and expose its shaved and chastised genitals to Domme Jayne
YOU: GOOD sissy!!!!
DOMME JAYNE: OOOHH that’s AMAZING Goddess Kyaa! How RIDICULOUS he looks!!!! <giggles>
YOU: I know, it’s hilarious isn’t it? And he has NO choice in the matter.
DOMME JAYNE: All caged and shaved and everything!?! Poor thing!
You and Domme Jayne come closer to the camera, as though You are inspecting Your sissy’s denuded genitals
DOMME JAYNE: Oh My God! He has Your name written where his pubic hair should be!!!!!!! And what’s that contraption around his balls????
YOU: It’s a dog shocker, to keep him obedient. The remote is over there on the shelf. And ha-ha YES! My name soon will be PERMANENT! I have a tattoo artist coming over on the weekend to engrave ‘Kyaa’ above his useless little clitty. And a ‘G’ and a ‘K’ on his balls. And on Sunday he’s getting full body electrolysis so he can NEVER grow his man hair back. If I ever do decide to let him go, he’ll NEVER EVER be anything but my humiliated emasculated sissy whore.
DOMME JAYNE: Ohh, don’t let him go! This is hilarious!!! Look at him holding up his little sissy skirt with his panties pulled down!!!! I so can’t wait to boss him around in my house like this and make him clean my floors and my toilets and wash my dishes!!
YOU: Ha-ha-ha! He just cleaned my kitchen floor yesterday…with a toothbrush!!! It took him all day and I didn’t even stand over him for more than 5 minutes all day. The ball shocker kept him TOTALLY in line! It was just a random task, and he had no choice but to complete it! I went out with his credit card for a pedi actually. He was SOOOO sad that I wasn’t here spanking him and spitting on him and verbally degrading him, but there wasn’t much he could do about it, WAS THERE my sissy???? I burned his man clothes, and confiscated his wallet and passport.
You and Domme Jayne back away from the camera, laughing.
YOU: I can do ANYTHING to you now, can’t I my sissy?
DOMME JAYNE: How totally humiliating is it to be Goddess Kyaa’s helpless little sissy maid BITCH?? HMMMM???
YOU: Turn around bitch! Remember what I taught you! Bend over and show Domme Jayne your shaved pink little sissy cunt!!! SPREAD IT FOR HER, and don’t you DARE move! Hold the position slut!
DOMME JAYNE: OH WOW!! Even THAT’s shaved!!! Ha-ha-ha…do you have any idea how pathetic you are??? No REAL man would EVER EVER do this.
YOU: Wanna shock his sissy balls?
DOMME JAYNE: Seriously!?!
YOU: Of course!!! If my maid is going to be privileged to clean your house it must learn to accept your promptings. And besides, it’s just fun to watch the sissy squirm!!
You pass a remote of some kind to Domme Jayne, and come up closer again to the camera, and taunt me with Your Perfect eyes and lips and nose and chin and hair
YOU: What do you think my sissy??? Would you like lovely Domme Jayne to shock your little sissy balls? Hmmm?
YOU: Oh, mmm mmm mmm mmm huh? Is your little cock gag making it hard to speak? GOOD!!!! You know I got SOOO tired of your puppy noises. I’ll take that as a ‘YES GODDESS KYAA’!!!
You back away from the camera, so that You and Domme Jayne are full-length towering over Your slut
DOMME JAYNE: OMG he’s quivering! Should I do this?
YOU: He ALWAYS quivers. It only ever means that he loves what I’m doing to him. And if not, too bad. He needs to learn punishment and obedience.
DOMME JAYNE: What button do I push?
YOU: The <whatever> one
DOMME JAYNE: Yay! You’re so awesome!
Domme Jayne holds the back of whatever remote You choose to use up to the camera, and laughs as She pushes a button
DOMME JAYNE: OOHHH My god he totally JUMPED! Fuck this is FUN!
YOU: What did I just tell you my slut? Hmmm? HOLD THE POSITION I SAID!!! You moved!!! What does that mean???
In the fantasy it means Your sissy has to submit to being written on and labelled by whomever of Your friends You are exposing it to. You produce a red permanent marker, and hand it to Domme Jayne.
YOU: You’ve embarrassed me sissy! Strip that maid outfit off, and turn around and face us ON YOUR KNEES! Hands on your head! Write all over it Jayne! Whatever you want!!!
DOMME JAYNE: Anything?
YOU: YES! Anything!!
DOMME JAYNE: Anywhere?
Domme Jayne leans in close to the camera and pretends to write all over Your slut, while You laugh and berate it for being so useless. Then You take over the camera and angrily destroy Your sissy:
YOU: Now sit and think about what you did wrong sissy! Domme Jayne and I will be back in a few minutes to take you for outside sissy walkies in just your high heels. THANK HER for writing on you! You know that post down at the bottom of my driveway??? You’re going to be chained to it this way all night as the cars drive by!!! I don’t give a fuck how cold it is or how humiliated you’ll be! Don’t EVER EVER EVER disappoint me like that again!! I could send you away you know!?! Kick you out as ridiculous as you are right now and make you find your own way home! Never to be my bitch ever again. You must learn my sissy maid pet…LEARN!!!!!!!!!
With that You and Domme Jayne turn and walk away up the basement stairs, laughing.
DOMME JAYNE: OOHH you’re so cruel Goddess Kyaa!!!!! <giggles>

Other chatter as You see fit..

Hello Goddess Kyaa (and…uummm…Domme Jayne),
Your sissy can’t possibly thank You enough for what You did with its pathetic custom video request. You made Your sissy’s little dream into a stark reality that left it quivering and weak and so helpless for You! From the opening scene, where Your sissy has to stare in its ridiculous pink frillies into Your downstairs bathroom and strain to listen to Your and Domme Jayne’s banter at the top of the stairs, You have Your sissy completely captivated! When You ring Your bell and yell out ‘assume the position BITCH!’, it sends shivers down my spine. And then…OMG THEN!!!…when the two of You come down the stairs in Your incredible piggy slippers and casual sweats, like You have just got up from a long relaxing snooze…WOW Goddess Kyaa!! The first time I watched the video, and had to kneel and submit to that, I have to admit that Your dicklet started dribbling in Your cage. Even in Your sweats, without ‘makeup’ or any kind of ‘fetish wear’, You and Domme Jayne absolutely DEMAND worship and adoration. The way Domme Jayne stands with her hands on her hips, smirking and laughing while You explain to Her what You have used Your sissy maid for, is just so SO perfectly devastating Goddess Kyaa!!
And then Your bell again! OOHHH Goddess Kyaa You KNOW what that does to me! It’s been engrained in my head from the very beginning. Made to lift up my skirt on cue, for Domme Jayne to laugh at the ridiculous frilly pink panties You made me buy to wear for You! And then again, on command, to have to pull them down and show Domme Jayne Your shaved clitty in its cage, and Your shocker. Domme Jayne’s ‘reaction’ is so perfectly taunting!!! At this point, the first time I watched the video, Your sissy’s dicklet was doing a constant helpless dribble. Sorry Goddess Kyaa. It’s just what Your Perfection’s control does to me. There is something about the way You squat down and rest Your Perfect sweat-panted bottom on Your heels, and ‘display me’ to Domme Jayne, that I just melt for.
And then comes the shocker. Your sissy is watching Your video again for the umpteenth time as it tries to write this, and it knows that it MUST, ALWAYS, every time it watches it, shock its balls for You (and Domme Jayne) whenever You cue it to. OHHHH Goddess Kyaa!!!!!!!! If Your stupid sissy is ever blessed to spend some time in Your presence, it hopes that You will confiscate its ‘man’ clothes and its wallet and passport just the way You describe, and hand off Your shock remote to Domme Jayne whenever You feel like it!
OUCH OUCH OUCH again!!!! Thank You Domme Jayne for shocking Goddess Kyaa’s sissy’s balls!!! And sorry Goddess Kyaa for jumping and squirming…oohhhh SORRY Goddess Kyaa!
(Just so You know, when Your sissy shocked itself for Domme Jayne’s button the first time, for some reason the ‘shock’ was entirely focused on Your sissy’s left testicle…it was set to maximum jolt and OMG it hurt like hell!! But then a strange thing happened, right then and there…Your sissy started cumming for You Goddess Kyaa. Not drooling, not dribbling, not leaking…it was a full-on sissy squirty CUM. Squished and constricted in Your cage as it was, Your sissy’s clitty just disgustingly shot streams of its filth halfway across the room. Sorry for the disgusting image, but it’s just what happened when You let Domme Jayne shock Your sissy for the first time.)
And then You come with a bug zapper in hand, berating Your sissy for jumping and telling it how dis-a-fucking-pointed You are in its performance for Domme Jayne, while She perhaps intentionally shows off Her lovely belly and stands behind You tutting. OOOOHHHHH Goddess Kyaa the next part destroys Your slut! When You say “pull your little sissy panties down and expose that SISSY FUCKING CUNT!”,…OMG Goddess Kyaa!!! When Domme Jayne laughs and taunts Your sissy about how it must keep Your sissy cunt shaved for You 24/7, I totally melt into a pool of submissive mush for You Goddess Kyaa! Yes I will stay there bent over and humiliated, holding my sissy cunt open for You and Domme Jayne. Yes, I will take as many sparking bug zapper slaps for You there as You might find funny.
Throughout the entire video, You and Domme Jayne just seem to know, EXACTLY, how to ‘ad lib’ and increase Your sissy’s humiliation a thousand times. Domme Jayne’s laughter at EVERYTHING is so beautiful Goddess Kyaa!! It seems honestly real!!! How You so casually call me Your ‘BITCH’, which I obviously am, and how You kneel over Your slut and give it a faceful of Your disdainful taunting, while Domme Jayne smirks so derisively over Your shoulder as You berate Your slut…it’s all so absolutely PERFECT Goddess Kyaa! And OOOHHHHHH when Domme Jayne writes all over me with Her sharpie…OMG if I ever have the privilege of being in Your presence, Goddess Kyaa, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write on Your sissy like that, and let Domme Jayne write ALL of those humiliating things She describes, so Your sissy is COVERED from head to toe in Your markings!!!
I’m already left a complete wreck before You even walk away and leave me there. On Your way back up the stairs…telling Domme Jayne about how You are going to have Your name tattooed where my pubic hair used to be before You took it away…telling Her how You’re going to have all of my ‘man hair’ permanently removed…hearing Domme Jayne laugh about it??…WOW WOW WOW Goddess Kyaa!!!
As phenomenally humiliating as Your video is Goddess Kyaa, the part that really kills Your sissy is how many things You have revealed to Domme Jayne about Your sissy’s pathetic little predilections. I can’t believe that You told Domme Jayne about the ‘thing’ I have for her tits. That’s so cruel Goddess Kyaa!!!! And grabbing them while I have to kneel in front of Her with my skirt lifted up and my panties pulled down…OOOOHHH! Even in Her loose-fitting hoodie, Your sissy can’t help but sneak a little ogle at their jiggly firmness in between blushing about the smirking looks on both of Your faces throughout. And You told Her about Your sissy’s weakness for the grocery store girl?? OOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!???? Seriously?????????? I KNOW that at some point I’m going to dream about this…You and Domme Jayne coming here and dragging Your sissy out to the store in just a little overcoat, and pulling it open to show her Your sissy’s shaved, caged dicklet, and garters and stockings, and Your nasty little clothespins clamped to its nipples. Telling her that You caught me sniffing Your dirty panties, and that I now do sissy maid housecleaning for You…and You rent me out for a penny an hour, which of course I have to pay.
Your sissy can’t believe how incredible You made this video Goddess Kyaa. It couldn’t possibly imagine any more perfect rendition. It’s frightening almost that You know it so well to be able to twist things so deeply. And please thank Domme Jayne for me?? And apologize to Her?? I hope You do know that if You and She decided that if and when I am there to submit to You I must spend a day cleaning house for Her, while She makes me curtsey on command and shocks Your sissy’s balls for encouragement, I would be so thrilled to serve Your friend that way.
Loving pink thanks to Your sweats, and…would You or Domme Jayne consider allowing Your sissy to tribute for those piggy slippers???? To have to turn them into a piggy mask to wear for You on cam sometime??? OOOHHH it’s so not fair what thoughts You put into Your sissy’s head Goddess Kyaa!!!!!!!

Now doesn’t that just inspire you to contact us right away and beg for your own custom video? Remember, the more involved it is the more it will costs. Props, complex plots and any specifically requested outfits will cost extra… but you will enjoy tributing a proper amount for something as special as a custom video from Domme Jayne and I, won’t you?

Contact us now. Soon you will be watching your own pervert dreams come true in beautiful HD video!


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12 thoughts on “Goddess Kyaa shows off her new sissy maid to Domme Jayne – The story of a custom video

  1. looking at the image of Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne beside their dog cage makes this lovesick puppy want to spend its life caged there, for Their amusement, training and abuse…… but a dream i know, but one that may sustain this pet

  2. Goddess…every time i read your words…hear your voice…or watch one of your clips i fall even deeper under your spell (if that is even possible). i am so helplessly addicted and devoted to you i am your complete sissy puppet…forever


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