New Media Update 02-18-2013

I’m publishing so much new content it will be easy to lose track of all the new videos I so kindly put up for sale. I have many videos I have saved from the past few months, videos I filmed years ago even and am dragging out of the archives, plus a huge amount of other new media shot in Vegas and more kick ass stuff in that will be filmed in the coming weeks. This means even MORE new content than usual.

My Clips4Sale is going to be fully backed up soon, too! This way, even if Kinkbomb goes down you can get all my content on Clips4Sale. Make sure you check my C4S studio often because it is being flooded with videos as it is backed up with all the content that is on Kinkbomb.

Right now Kinkbomb is still getting new content first. In a couple of months they may be published on both sites at the same time. For now, check my Kinkbomb studio itself to find ALL the new content. The list below is not even everything published since my last new media update. I know, it’s insane. So much new stuff!

To find all the new content I’ve published you need to visit my Kinkbomb studio and set it to show 50 results per page. Then flip through the first 3 pages. Nearly all of that content has been published in the last 30~ days alone.

Drool over these titles, but make sure you click each link to view the hand crafted gif and read the descriptions. Some have asked if I write those myself, to which I answer, “Of course! How can you not tell that is my writing?” Each description is like a little mini post on the video to prepare you for what you are about to experience as you watch the video. Read them carefully and add them all to the cart!

Each link will take you to the 1080p HD version of each video . The 720p HD and HQ wmv versions are all available on my Kinkbomb. Go find them if you can’t afford the 1080p!


Domme Kyaa’s Fuzzy Pink Socks Worshiping Walkthrough

*Domme Kyaa Shows Off Her Latex Catsuit

*Doubly Fucked! Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne

*Money Play – January 2013

Think! Learn From Your Sins (and become a better Kyaaist)

*Lotioned Legs Cocktease

Cum Quick! For My Ass In A Tight Bright Blue Party Dress

Used As A Footrest & Allowed to Kiss My Boots

Pink Chucks Go Round & Round – Workout Ignore

Give Your Life to My Legs

*Collect Them All!

*Cash Counting and Crushing for Horny Paypigs

Putting You in Your Place (Below Me)

*A Lowly Serf Grovels Before the Queen


*Personally recommended!

3 thoughts on “New Media Update 02-18-2013

  1. Goddess spoils Her minnions with such a wealth of worship material…… that this eager dog will be trawling through, first sniffing out Her dog training videos

  2. The descriptions that You write Goddess Kyaa have always been a work of art.They are cherished because You Do write them,therefore to me they give insight on how Your beautiful,beautiful sadistic mind works.You write what You are thinking.i am so spoiled by You at this point,i think i need Your descriptions as much as Your videos.They go hand in hand…so to speak #giggle

    i have all of these videos except for one.They are excellent,especially the ones You released over this past weekend.”Collect Them All ” is excellent and true to the core from beginning to end. Speaking of that video,i went through all 116 pages of Your KB looking for that …..Eat My Shit video,giggle, i think You made it for piggyjoe .i did not see it.i think it is MIA. i could have missed it because i think You have only made two videos on that subject.Anyway, thank You for writing Goddess Kyaa


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