Live cam cockteasing and wallet beatings!

I will be on-line quite a bit over the next week. I have this nagging need to drain bank accounts and torment the stiff dicklets of obedient bitches. So I’ll be dressing up in cute little outfits like the one I wore today and making you spend to worship me on camera.

glamworship cam 2-16-2013

There are many ways you can tribute and view my webcam. I’ve even just re-added a new payment and cam viewing method… Glamworship! I signed back up with them in December but have been too busy to even begin using it. Tonight I managed to get logged in and fiddle with the cam system. I’ll be broadcasting cam on Glamworship within set hours this week and am hoping to soon be broadcasting a 24 hour a day ignore camera!
Now you can use Glamworship to pay per minute to worship my cam in a group chat and private chat. Soon I will have tributes set up there and you can use that site to pay tributes directly to my bank account!
For now you will tribute through the following methods to be able to chat and/or view my webcam over instant messenger.
Kinkbomb (preferred)
My schedule for open NiteFlirt lines and Glamworship cam broadcasts:
Schedule 17 - 22 Feb
Outside of the hours posted above you may still be able to worship me on camera. All you have to do is contact me in advance and ask to arrange to worship me at a specific time. I will require that you make an initial tribute in advance, but then you can schedule cam worship with me.
I’ll be seeing you on your knees with your credit card in your mouth soon!

2 thoughts on “Live cam cockteasing and wallet beatings!

  1. Glad to see you back on Glamworship Goddess. That was where my love for your feet started. Now it has grown into worship of all things Goddess Kyaa.

  2. Well,i once again i humbly kneel in Prayer to You Goddess Kyaa that You will have a 24 hr a day ignore camera with GlamWorship someday. It is as close as possible to being in Your presence without actually being there and changes my daily life living for the chance to make You happy completely.

    With a 24 hour a day ignore camera from You, in reality it is not being ignored.You are ‘always here” and it changes the way i conduct my daily life as Your owned property. First and maybe foremost [because right after work is when i tend to get into mischief ] is after i finish my daily work for You,i get home…and because You are “always here” via webcam it changes my actions drastically….for the better i might add.
    #1 i do not have a beer.Or if i do, it is very little.That in itself keeps my whore mouth in check.i prefer coffee when You are “here”.
    #2 i tend not to fiddle with Twitter very much at all when You are “always here”. There is no need to
    #3 Without hesitation,automatically my body clock switches to Goddess Time,which that also saves me a world of trouble simply because of the time difference. i usually sleep while everyone else is awake.That in effect makes me stay totally focused on You without the interruptions of the “world” in which You have placed me to serve You.

    Those are probably 3 main things how You change my pathetic life into better serving You.Then as that is accomplished it makes all the other things of You “being here” 24 hours a day so much more special. Get to see You move around sometimes,usually always get to Worship Your feet.The sound of the air You breath,the sound of the KB sales coming in.The sound of the opening and closing of Your doors and [at this house] the sound of Your feet walking up and down Your stairs.When You feel like it,i get the privilege to listen to Your music.The sound of the frogs.And last but surly not least,sometimes You speak. It is magical and for me personally life changing.

    So all i can do is kneel and Pray to You for Your mercy and Pray You say …yes !

    oh ..did i read that correctly.Will be able to tribute directly into Your bank account ? That would be a blessing.


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