Quick Post: Dental surgery update Feb. 12, 2013

By about 8 hour after my surgery yesterday I was already coming to the conclusion that either most people are total bitches or I am just that tough, because it’s not all that bad.

At first I was hilariously out of it, groggy and barely able to stand, but with no pain. I was wheeled out to the car and taken home by my sweet. She made me soup and tucked me in on the couch. I waited a few hours to see how I’d feel before I took the pills they sent me home with to test out how bad it would feel. It isn’t that bad, really. I’m taking the pills anyway, at the insistent of my girlfriend who gets about as stressed as my worshipers at the thought of me being in pain.

Today I woke up without pain, and am now convinced that this won’t be that bad and that I should be happy to be back on cam casually this weekend. While I might not go nuts wearing corsets and stilettos, but I will be online this weekend to be worshiped, to dominate and abuse weak sub males and get spoiled!

Also – Instructions for you to follow:

Check my twitter for a messy new Flash Humiliation Assignment and make sure to submit your photos by Friday.

My wishlists want some love. Go shopping for me!

There is some new content of mine up on Kinkbomb. Old daily videos, customs and tomorrow a sexy panty tease photo set* will be going up for sale around noon. Go to my KB studio and spend. Buy videos and don’t forget to go the distance to please me by rating and leaving feedback on every video you purchase.

*That panty photo shoot will go along with a special blog post tomorrow at noon. Said panties are currently in the mail on the way to my lucky bitch sissy steven. Free preview photos tomorrow + info on how you too can get your own pair of my memorabilia panties, socks, shoes, pantyhose or other props, directly from me to you!

5 thoughts on “Quick Post: Dental surgery update Feb. 12, 2013

  1. Amazing Goddess. Of course it didn’t lay you low for too long. But i am glad you are feeling better Also I hope the love i gave your wishlist helped!

  2. That’s good to hear Goddess Kyaa. All is well with the world now. Thank You for writing.i happen to agree with Your Girlfriend about the medicine,for what its worth. i suspect You are not feeling any pain because of that medicine.That is major surgery.Anytime they put You under,it’s major surgery.

    i am not a doctor but i did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night.haha You are tough..but still why be in pain if You don’t have to be.Sore is one thing ,pain is quite another. Just my loser 2 cents.Happy You are well. That’s all that counts


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