Goddess Kyaa Land Covered in Countless Ice Crystals

The week before I left for my Vegas/AEE trip in January I posed a question on twitter. When I asked if you perverts wanted to see some nature photos of the beautiful land where the Goddess they worship resides covered in a thick ice I was actually surprised by how many said “yes, please!”.

Now your prayers are being answered. What a kind and loving Goddess you unworthy whelps serve!

I took each of these photos myself in a quick little walk around the property.

Enjoy, bitches.

5 thoughts on “Goddess Kyaa Land Covered in Countless Ice Crystals

  1. Your beautiful face smiling in the sun might be one of my favorite pictures I have ever seen. It is shows just how beautiful you truly are. You bless us all by sharing these pics. Thank you Goddess.

  2. Thank You for all of these great post and especially these remarkable pictures! I love the nature pics, you have such a eye for beauty. You took some amazing pics of nature at it’s best. Also wanted to Thank You for sharing all your Vegas pics, it is such a treat to be able to see you with the sexy dress, jacket and spiked boots. You drive me insane with your breath taking beauty!

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for answering my prayers.You sure are a kind and loving Goddess.i humbly and meekly say that these beautiful photos are a tad more personal to me than some people because You have allowed me to kneel at Your feet,in the late summer shadows of Your Perfection in Goddess Land.

    It wasn’t winter time,so these photos are special. i remember being in total awe of the beauty that is Goddess Land, and You talking to me ,telling me a little bit about where i was at.It is funny because as i looked around [ down the mountain etc. ] it kind of added into the whole scenario of being Your “slave” ,like …where can i run…there is no escape.hehe… lucky me ! i also remember when You were inside the house and i was outside working, “sneaking a cigarette” [ i think You knew i was having a smoke,and let it go,not necessarily “sneaking” a cigarette. giggle] thinking “watch a wild animal nail my loser ass” . That’s where i would go,out to the end of the property to the gazebo….. well,there was a dead bird in there that i had to remove,so i had a reason to go there. giggle..plus You told me to clean all of that up anyway. Then You took my cigarettes hehe so that was the end of that. Those were the days.Thank You Goddess Kyaa !

    p.s. i say that word ” sneaking” tongue and cheek…i don’t hide anything from You Goddess Kyaa. i do not lie very well.i just didn’t ask ” Goddess Kyaa,may i have a cigarette” .You may have said no.haha and You didn’t say i could not. All i was thinking was to make sure i put it totally out.Don’t start the forest on fire. lol You would not have been to happy. i am a dummy,but i know a little bit about the forest.Be careful with fire. You are wonderful Goddess Kyaa,i don’t deserve to be one little piece of Your owned property,but i am not proud and i am thankful,so very thankful that You desided to claim me as such.Thank You Goddess Kyaa


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