Things never, ever, go as planned!

After spending nearly 2 weeks getting well again and then having to suffer through a server crash at Kinkbomb, my main rendering computer has had a catastrophic hardware failure. My guess is that it’s simply the power supply or an internal batter that needs to be replaced. Hopefully I will have it back by Wednesday, but I won’t be sure until tomorrow evening.

The timing works out though, since I won’t be able to even use the computer for at least a few days starting tomorrow morning. At 10am I am getting my wisdom teeth removed! I’ve chosen to get totally knocked out so I won’t even remember the procedure. I’m sure you are sad to think of me having to go through something like this, and many of you will be just as sad to know I may not be online for as long as a week! I have no clue how long it will be until I feel well enough to get on camera again. My girlfriend had her wisdom teeth out years ago and assures me that it won’t be that bad (“you’re a tough cunt, you can handle it” she said).

I want to warn you bitches, though, to make sure none of you (that means you goodboy4Kyaa!) freak out because I don’t tweet after my surgery. Don’t expect me to be caring about updating you losers. I will be too busy being taken home by my loving girlfriend and tucked in on the couch to watch TV and zone out for the rest of the day. I’ll be fucked up on pain pills and going to bed early. I may be tweeting again by Tuesday, but I’m not making any promises.

Luckily for you I have several new videos ready to be uploaded and added to Kinkbomb and C4S as soon as my computer is returned. Even if I’m not feeling up for abusing losers on cam I will be itching to get some of the videos from Vegas up for sale!

There will also be a few posts scheduled to be published tonight so that throughout the week there are new posts for you losers to read even while I am busy healing.

For now you should make sure you have read the post on Day 1 of my Vegas trip then visit my Kinkbomb studio and buy a few videos. I want you to spend to wish me well and thank me for giving a shit about making sure you still have new content to worship even while I am laid up with pulled teeth.

2 thoughts on “Things never, ever, go as planned!

  1. You are so kind to update of boys about your life Goddess. i know i was watching on twitter hoping that everything turned out great and i am so happy that it did.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa.i will be good. i knew about Your surgery.i don’t know why i was thinking You were having that done around the 18th.It’s today ! That slipped by me.So i am happy You posted this or You would have been gone/silent a couple weeks and i probably would have been freaking out.giggle Get well soon Goddess Kyaa !


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