Schedule for 02/6 through 02/10

I have some much less disjointed thoughts to share now that I am not in a haze of sickness.

The 1st was my 5 year anniversary. We spent the whole weekend either naked or out eating food and drinking. Celebrating our love is just one thing on a list of many that I’ve been taking the time to do in the past week. I’ve got several other posts (including a multi part post on Vegas/AEE) in the works and lots of videos ready to go up on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale. It’s been nice to take a solid block of time to myself but now I’m craving an outlet for all this sadistic energy I have pent up inside me.

So I will be online Wednesday the 6th from about 5pm PST through Sunday the 10th around 8pm PST.

My NiteFlirt lines will be on and I will be signed into skype. I prefer that you contact me a 30 minutes to an hour beforehand to arrange cam worship. Let me know approximately how much time you have and if you will be on skype or yahoo. The minions who obey this command will be able to actually guarantee that they are able to serve me and view my webcam.

See you bitches on Wednesday!

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