Things never go as planned…

I returned home sick and while it didn’t fully hit for a couple of days I have spent every day since I got back from Vegas snuggled up on the couch, dozing on ny-quill, trying to sleep through the nasty chest cold I caught. This is about the most sick I’ve got in years and I have to say I somehow haven’t minded. I was exhausted after a metric fuckton of fun in Vegas and while I’ve been in a daze and generally feeling like shit I was able to do absolutely nothing for over a week.

Do you have any clue how long it’s been since I’ve sat around on the couch and just watched TV for a week? A decade, at least. I’ve either gone to school full time or have been traveling, working, busy living life. I am a go-go type of person, always planning something while in the middle of finishing something, in a perpetual cycle of work, play, travel, work, play, travel and rarely little time to relax or take care of the little things like laundry and time with my cat. I haven’t read a book for pleasure in 3 years.

This, along with some conversations I had with amazing women I met in Vegas, has inspired me to take charge of ME time.  I’m going to be rearranging my schedule, spending less time online and more time getting other shit done. ME shit. Once I’ve had a chance to catch up on simple stuff like organizing my pantyhose collection into something other than a ball of tangled mess I will start taking more time to write, film with other Dommes, do the things I don’t have time for with my current schedule.

This post is just a clusterfuck of thoughts, a quick note to say “yes I’m here, but changes are afoot.” I have several other posts I’m finishing up and this time I won’t let random horny jerk off losers distract me.

Soon you bitches will have to schedule with me to be able to worship me on camera, setting up time to worship me in advance instead of just being able to contact me day and night.

I’m already happier just thinking about taking charge of my time, making the sub males of the world work around MY schedule instead of trying to be online 24/7 just to take advantage of horny losers around the world.

For now here is a basic breakdown of when I will be online and what I’m doing for the next few weeks.

Feb. 1st: My 5 year anniversary with my girlfriend! We have been living together a full 5 years as of the 1st. We are going to take a bath together, relax, and have a quiet night out at our favorite spot.

Feb 3 – 10: I will be sporadically signed into NiteFlirt and Skype. Contact me via email or Skype to request time to worship me on camera. I will be busy catching up on all the photos and videos from Vegas, editing them and publishing new content daily.

Feb 11th: Oral surgery. I had this scheduled for the 28th but due to the whole sickness bullshit it was postponed. I will be enjoying another week of doing absolutely nothing, this time high on whatever pain meds I get prescribed.

I’m still iffy on whether or not I will be online for the weekend of Feb. 15-17. I’ll just have to see how I feel.

Watch out for more coherent thoughts, photos and videos soon.

3 thoughts on “Things never go as planned…

  1. Even if it means less time for us boys to worship you, i am so glad you are finding a balance in your time. i am sure all of us will be happy with any time we are lucky enough to get. Goddess Kyaa always comes first.

  2. Good to know what has been happening with You Goddess Kyaa. Was getting a little bit worried about You. Hope You are over Your illness, and glad that You are taking some much deserved ‘You’ time.

  3. YES,i do have a clue how long it has been when You just walk away for spell.It has been a long time.Yes.You are a go-go type of person. i for one, am happy You had those conversations with Your “amazing Women” friends. Because my beloved Goddess Kyaa it is all about the math.#giggle i feel so old. But happy all because of You, in Your own way,i simply do not feel any age.Take charge Goddess Kyaa.That is when You are at Your finest.i know that.i have seen it in person.You are special.i know that too #giggle

    And ..yes i know You are here…You live deep,deep,in my filthy soul.It is always,always,nice to hear You speak.Thank You to be allowed to know of Your existence Goddess Kyaa.

    i may comment more,but this is just a clusterfuck [#giggle] of thoughts from Your very owned bitch…..Your Girlfriend ….i think about Her all the time ..congratulations..i have almost been with You and Her the entire time.Almost …not quite…so of course i think of Her


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