To Serve and Obey – part 1.5

Did you read part 1 of To Serve and Obey, the beginning an erotic fiction story I shared a few months ago? If not read it now:

Then continue on. No point in reading part 1.5 if you haven’t even read part 1.

I’d say it’s because I’ve been busy, but I’m always busy. Truthfully, bitches, you haven’t seen any more erotic fiction in months because it isn’t as profitable as turning my NiteFlirt lines on and spending all day humiliating losers for easy cash.

Still, writing is a love of mine, one I am wont to neglect just because you losers are eager to pay for me to abuse you all day every day. I could easily spend every hour of my natural life being spoiled and worshiped, but sometimes one needs to make time to do other things, like write fiction.

This is just a snippet of what I’ve been working on from the To Serve and Obey story. It’s not much, but if you perverts ask nicely enough (and I mean BEG hard enough) then you might see more of this and other stories soon!

To Serve and Obey part 1.5

Shock had frozen his mind. The blow came out of no where, though he should have known that a beautiful young woman wouldn’t just let him kiss her feet and not have some sort of ulterior motives. After what must have been nearly a full minute his brain finally clicked into gear. Reaching for his radio while struggling to sit up, he realized the vixen was standing over him and he could see her pink panties through the small gaps between her cut off shorts and inner thighs. Instantly he knew those panties matched her bra and his mind was frozen again.
Hand on his radio, he stared transfixed at those bright pink panties. She wrapped her slender fingers around his wrist and firmly twisted it away from his body. In a moment she had flipped him onto his belly, bending his arm behind his back in a cruel hammerlock. He could feel the warmth and pressure of her body against his!
The feeling of her thighs squeezing his side, her hand grasping his wrist and forcing it up between his shoulder blades, her breasts gently brushing against the arm she had pinned… his training and self respect were totally overruled. All he could do was pant, his hard cock painfully straining against the floor.
She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, “Shhhh.” Her hot, humid breath sent a shiver of goosebumps down his spine.
“I’m in control, sweetie. Hush.”
He felt his body involuntarily relaxing and briefly wondered why he wasn’t fighting back.
“When I let you go you will stay right here, you will not move a muscle.” It wasn’t a command or a threat, she was simply stating a fact.
Slowly she eased up on the hammerlock but despite knowing somewhere in the depths of his mind that he could likely overpower with her brute force he remained as still as he possibly could. Rising, she positioned herself in front of him, her bare feet just inches from his face which was still pressed against the floor. Her toes wiggled. They wiggled! His heart was pounding in his chest.
Whatever was to become of him next he could not possibly guess but he knew as he stared at her divine feet that he would do anything for those toes.

Of course, comments are required. Tell me how you reacted while reading this, what dirty thoughts are swimming in your mind as you finish it, how excited you are for more kinky fiction from my devious mind… now!

9 thoughts on “To Serve and Obey – part 1.5

  1. Never before in my life has reading a story turned me on so much. Maybe it’s because i am imagining you as this woman. I love this story, dying to see where it will go, please continue!

  2. A very good story, i appreciate a a well written story as much (if not more)as videos. A tribute is on the way


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