Bitch Task! Suffer In The Snow for Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne

It’s gotten colder, much colder, in the past few weeks. It’s been in the teens here at night and all across the Northern Hemisphere it’s been snowy, icy, freezing cold. Even when I arrive in Vegas next week it will be in the 30’s outside, even colder at night.

When Domme Jayne was here for the last weekend of 2012 we braved the cold to take a couple photos and shoot a quick video. We spent more time outside fully dressed later, but these photos of us in the sexy bra and panty sets outside in the gently falling snow will have you eager to suffer in the cold for us!

Domme Kyaa & Domme Jayne in the snow!
We are Snow Queens, and you a lowly bitch to serve our icy beauty!
Bow down and worship, bitches!
This shot is perfect. Our legs, asses, our smirks peeking over our shoulders and the flakes of snow drifting gently to the ground all around us.

We even have a little bitch task for you perverts! We want you to go outside and suffer in the cold! Send us photos of you shivering, turning blue for us in the snow outside. Even if you don’t have snow where you are, even if you are not a sissy, you MUST suffer for us!

Once you have completed your bitch task post a comment here and tell us how you endured the cold in detail! We will love knowing that while we are warm inside the casinos, clubs, high end shopping malls and luxury suite, you are outside suffering for us!

6 thoughts on “Bitch Task! Suffer In The Snow for Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne

  1. Hi, I went out in the snow to suffer the cold, it’s about 26 degrees F here. I went out and stayed out until I couldn’t bear it any longer then came in to warm up, then went out again with the camera to take the pics. I stayed out for another 10 minutes by masturbating to keep warm. Pics are on Twitter. @WiddleDick

  2. Beautiful photos of You and Domme Jayne.Maybe the best yet. i get excited seeing You happy Goddess Kyaa.i can’t watch this video at this very second…but i already have a problem…it’s 82 degrees at the southern front of Your Empire [USA] no snow or cold weather in sight.#giggle

      1. Yes Goddess Kyaa i do have ice cubes that i will fill my sissy cunt up with. Thank You Goddess Kyaa.[ i have did that more than once #blush.] #giggle….Now the problem is…that it feels good to do that.So maybe not technically suffering,but i am Obeying You…which always feels good in the end.


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