New Media Update – Jan. 7, 2013

Time to click and pay, bitches! Ten new videos for you to obsess over. Spend then comment here, confess which videos you bought and which are your favorite from these new videos.

Worship & Denial
Worship-and-denial gifMy body is sacred! To cum like some disgusting pig male while I tease you sensually would be a sin! No, you must be denied.

The Only Xmas Gift You Need
Only-xmas-gift-you-will-ever-need-gifA pathetic sub male such as yourself needs nothing more than to bathe in the glory of my beautiful long toes, soft wrinkled soles and graceful high arches.

Kyaamas 2012 Gifts
See how well spoiled I am and hear what I think of your efforts over the holiday season.

365 Days of Chastity Begins At Midnight – Domme Kyaa and Domme Jayne
When midnight finally strikes you are ordered to cum one last time before your 365 days of chastity begins!

Perfect Legs JOI
Perfect-legs-joi-gifThese flawless legs are proof of my superiority. Bow down before my legs, my perfect legs and stroke hard!

Domme Kyaa’s Tit Worship Obedience ChallengeTit-worship-obedience-training-if Can you last? Will you be able to make it through my cock-tormenting titty teasing?

Pay and Obey! Even Lurking Losers, Anonymous Addicts and Broke Bitches Can Serve Me
Pleasing me is what matters most. Being an anonymous lurker, resisting your addiction, staying away won’t make me happy. Only obedience, worship, and spending will make you one of my lucky minions.

Ignored In The Library – December 2012
Ignored-in-the-library-2012To be ignored by me like this is a dream come true, like being a bug on the ground under my feet, you look up in awe and worship as I ignore you.

The NYE Kiss You Will Never Have
nye-kiss gifWhen we finally count down to midnight and kiss as the clock strikes 12 it will send an electric shock through your body as our tongues entwine our press bodies press together.

Buy Our Worn Pantyhose, Bitch! Domme Kyaa & Domme Jayne
What will you have to do to be allowed to buy our worn pantyhose, what will the package we send you be like? Find out when you watch this video!

I add videos to Kinkbomb first then a few weeks later then will end up on Clips4Sale. For those losers who prefer to use C4S don’t worry, there are new videos going up there all the time, just check back on my C4S studio regularly!

3 thoughts on “New Media Update – Jan. 7, 2013

  1. After being “more” than tired yesterday i am looking at this post again . i am blessed to have 9 of these 10 videos.Reading Your description of “Tease and Denial” for some reason really made me quiver when You wrote “This is how a “true Kyaaist Worships” .i am not sure why.Maybe because the day before You allowed me to partake in the Holy Sacrament of cum-union on my knees watching Your Holy Video Scriptures “Perfect Legs” and “Domme Kyaa’s Tit Worship Challenge” [which i passed probably because i watched “Perfect Legs” first.] i would have passed the challenge anyway because to Obey You Goddess Kyaa is truly being a Kyaaist.i did not watch “Your Perfect Legs ” first so i could pass Your challenge specifically.It’s just the way it happened. Maybe i felt guilty after reading Your description for “Tease and Denial” ,maybe i felt sacred because without Kyaaism i am lost in my perverted sin.That is probably a “healthy “scared.So i prayed to You Goddess Kyaa about this before dream time,and i awoke feeling comforted knowing that the theology of Kyaaism is Obedience.To always strive to Obey You. i confess my dirty sins to You,pray for Your forgiveness and carry on serving You each and every day.

    Of course all of Your videos are nourishment for my born again soul.But if i had to pick a favorite it would once again be an ignore video.In this case “Ignored in Your Library” because while i know nothing because i am stupid,i do know that is where i belong.To be at Your feet,quiet as a mouse,in Your presence is heaven to me.You don’t need to say a word Goddess Kyaa. You have spoiled me in that regard.Your silence speaks to me.Your silence is beautiful and i can hear every breath You make.i feel at peace being around You,it is an incredible feeling.And it is real.
    While i cannot be there physically everyday,i can dream about it,and Your ignore videos have a special feeling to them.
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  2. i have had the privilege to buy 5 out of 6 of these videos.What bothers me the the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the the 1st one ! i just obey .If You say cum…i cum …if You Deni it….i walk away…makes me sick if i am not a Kyaaist,,,,then who the fuck is


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