Kyaamas 2012 Gifts

For Kyaamas 2012 I had most of my subs under strict command to spend their holiday money through buying clips and sending tributes. Some years I prefer gifts, some years I prefer cash. For 2012 it was cash! As a result I had a record breaking month for tribute totals, so you bitches can give yourself a pat on the back for that…
Just because most of you spent every dime on videos and tributes in December doesn’t mean I didn’t end up with a pile of sub-bought Kyaamas gifts, though! I show off many of them in this video but keep in mind that many of the very expensive dresses, heels and other goodies I had a select few subs purchase for me will be part of my AEE/Vegas trip attire in the middle of this month (January 2013) so you will not get to see them in this video. If you bought something for me and know it is destined for Vegas don’t expect to see it in this video, you will have to wait until the videos from my trip are published!
The free preview below shows off most of what I’m sharing with you bitches in this Kyaamas gift opening video. Watch, drool over all my new goodies, and start dreaming of the hot videos I will make in my new heels, boots, clothes, and whatever other gifts my bitches sent me for Kyaamas 2012.

Then head over to my Kinkbomb store and buy the full video. There is more teasing and taunting plus a little extra verbal humiliation. This preview is just over 3 minutes, the full video is over 8 minutes long. Buy it along with as many new clips as your bank account can handle. While they are downloading work rating and leaving feedback for old purchases. I’ve noticed recently that you bitches are slacking there.
There are a few special dates coming up. My 5 anniversary with my live in girlfriend is on the 1st of February and the 14th will be Valentines day. Instead of sending roses (which you know I will only destroy like Morticia Addams), chocolates or stuffed piggies for me to sit on, spend on Kinkbomb! Continue working to put my studio back at it’s rightful place on top. Once that goal is achieved you can think about being allowed to buy me gifts again.

3 thoughts on “Kyaamas 2012 Gifts

  1. Those are some nice gifts Goddess Kyaa and You look fantastic. It is beyond me how anyone would not buy Your full video after seeing this preview.You look marvelous,and being surrounded by pretty things is a treat for my loser eyes. Thank You Goddess Kyaa


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