New: Flash Humiliation Assignments!

The day after Kyaamas I tweeted something about a “Flash Humiliation Assignment” and told my followers to send me a photo of my name and the date written on their body. It took just minutes before the first ones were being posted publicly on twitter. Soon enough there were losers sending them through email and even over instant message.

Reveling in the power I have to make perverts publicly humiliate themselves on a whim I  didn’t think too much more about it until Domme Jayne a couple of days later for the weekend. I told her breifly about the flash humiliation assignment and when she laughted at some of the photos losers sent in I decided to re-new the assignment and told bitches to send in pictures with both our names. We were loving the slow and steady trickle of perverts exposing themselves for our amusement for the rest of the night. Some subs even paid to worship us live on camera so that they could listen to us laugh as they marked themselves for us.

It’s easy to see why we love doing this to you bitches. What sadistic woman wouldn’t get a kick out of this shit?

I have fallen in love with my Flash Humiliation Assignment idea so you pervs can look forward to many more of them in the future. Keep an eye on my twitter for FLA’s so you can participate next time. These are like the public humiliation assignments I put up here on but usually will only take you a few minutes to complete and require little to no preparation time.

Like the FHA I posted today on twitter telling losers to confess the last time, place and manner in which they came. I said tell me when/where/how you last came, including what you were thinking of/looking at/listening to at the time.

This one being even easier than the first the replies were instant.

twitter @s 01-03-12

No losers paying cum taxes before squirting? Naughty! And only 2 of these bitches were even jerking it to me, but I’m happy with all the replies anyway. Just seeing how fucking eager you horny cunts are to tell me all about your stroke sessions puts a smile on my face.

Watch vigilantly for another FHA on my twitter or accompanying future blog posts. I might give you as little as 30 minutes or as much as a few days, so don’t waste time. When you see a new FHA hop to it and degrade yourself since it’s the only way you can get my attention.


4 thoughts on “New: Flash Humiliation Assignments!

  1. Love the flash humiliation assignments. They are just brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to give these to us.

  2. Awesome Posts Goddess. I Missed something special 😦
    It feels awesome to back and serving you again Goddess Kyaa. I apologize again for trying to run away earlier

  3. It is a honor to be mentioned let alone see my post on your site. Thank You Goddess Kyaa! I love what you do to me, how great you make me feel! No one in the world like You!

  4. my sole purpose in life is to live to make You happy Goddess Kyaa. To be used by You in any way,shape or form is why i exist.When You are proud of Your bitch….it’s all i need to hear.It is music to my ears.What surprised me was these were “supposed ” to be permanent markers.That part did not work so well.All over clothes,sheets etc..Spent the next day washing everything.Maybe a little tattoo or two someday. i adore Your Holy Name.That scares me because i never had a tattoo.

    Things like that, i don’t dwell on to much.You own my body,mind and soul. No thinking involved for me.hehe Only when You allow me to mark myself for You do i think about it.Obey You…is all i need to think about.There have been times when You are not to pleased with me,those are the times i really suffer.That is not a good feeling.What i have learned about those times is to Pray to You,beg for Your forgiveness and it makes me surrender to You even deeper which in effect keeps those days far and few between.Your sadistic power over me is beautiful and cuts deep into my very existence.Thank You very much Goddess Kyaa


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