The NYE Kiss You Will Never Have – My First Kissing Video!

This is actually not just my first time kissing Domme Jayne on camera, it’s the first time I’ve sold a kissing video to date! This is a must have for every horny addicts collection, but it isn’t cheap. I will be making you bitches pay for the honor of watching this exquisite video in HD. Even the small wmv version will hurt your wallet a little bit. Don’t think for a moment you can resist, though. Just because these are not $5 videos doesn’t mean you don’t need them right fucking now.

Domme Kyaa & Domme Jayne Kiss... you pay!
Domme Kyaa & Domme Jayne Kiss… you pay!

1080p HD – $99.99 – Buy the full HD version and watch it on the largest screen in your house while kneeling before our perfection in crystal clear detail.

720p HD – $49.99 – Watch this on full screen on your computer, kneeling at your desk. In 720p you will still be able to watch this perfect video without missing any of the detail.

basic wmv – $19.99 – The quality difference between non-HD and HD is obvious. I don’t know why anyone would choose to watch non-HD videos except that they are so poor and pathetic they cannot afford the HD.

5 thoughts on “The NYE Kiss You Will Never Have – My First Kissing Video!

  1. Just Finished watching the video Goddess. It was so wonderful. Wish you both A very Happy New Year and many more such years! Thanks again for the privilege and honor to serve you and begin my new year int total devotion.

  2. annnnnd You wonder why i wish i was born a Woman…what a major malfunction/fuck up. hehehe.

    But i am not a Woman Goddess Kyaa so i just…. have….. never…. even thought about kissing Your perfect,full luscious lips.Believe it or not,i don’t think, [no,i know ] i have not even “dreamed” of kissing them.i do not “dream” of You in that dreams are in the realm of serving You,so to be lucky enough to have the special privilege to be Your permanently collard bitch…well… seconds ain’t to speak.More than i could have ever dreamed of, or deserve.

    What i have always thought,said and wondered is ,”i bet You are a great kisser”.You have the most full Perfect lips.After being allowed to watch this video….i was right ! Domme Jayne is a very lucky Woman ! i was so happy for Her ! It really felt good to see You and Domme Jayne having fun and enjoying each others company.This video really made me feel content/happy.It is beautiful.

    Also,to my knowledge,i don’t think i have ever “dwelled” [for lack of a better word ] on seeing You kiss another Woman.Once again i just never really thought about it.But now that You have allowed my loser eyes to see You kiss another Woman, Domme Jayne…..did You say there is more of these videos ? #giggle i feel like a spoiled little bitch now.That’s ok with me Goddess Kyaa. Please spoil me.

    This last/next paragraph goes with paragraph #2,i wrote it when i wrote paragaph #2 but it kept getting pushed down as i was tring keep loser thoughts in order…but now i don’t know how to get it back up there.hahaha #dummy

    What i mean by that… [i think #giggle] is when my loser eyes watch Your videos and see Your perfect lips,Your fantastic body,listening to Your beautiful,soft and powerful voice…i am Worshipping You.[Refer to Holy Video Scripture “Fuck Your Religion 2012″ ] i am not thinking,,,oh i want to ‘kiss Your lips” or “i want to fuck You” or “i want You fuck to me…ahhhh”…well i can’t honestly go that far. i do/have.. dreamed/thought of You fucking me, i confess my sins on that.#giggle It has crossed my loser mind…#giggle,even i get to have a good laugh along with You Goddess Kyaa on that loser dream.hahahehe You have used and abused,humilitated me,in so many other ways….whats one more.#giggle, is maybe where that thought comes from.i don’t know #blush

    Sorry about babbling on Goddess Kyaa.But this video was a first, and all i can say is thank You.Thank You Goddess Kyaa and thank You Domme Jayne very much !


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