New Years Eve 2013 Cum Countdown LIVE Cam!

New Years Eve is just 4 days away!

As previously announced I will be online for NYE,  giving you a cum countdown as the clock strokes midnight! Any sub that joins me on NYE will celebrate in MY time, meaning your countdown ends at midnight PST. Set the clock on your computer to my time zone now to start getting yourself excited. That’s an order, set the time on your computer to my time zone if it isn’t set that way already.

I had some vague grand schemes to film a bunch of videos for you to buy up ahead of time to get ready for the event but between the holidays, preparing for Las Vegas and being snowed in (which makes me want to have lots of sex with my girlfriend, not really a negative) these videos never got made. The holidays are over and I’m done with most of my shopping for Vegas, so now I have some time to film something special for those who will be online on New Years Eve.

Unlike in previous years where I put out videos before NYE and let you jerk off at midnight on your own, this year you will need to be online with me, buy the video on that afternoon and on New Years Eve you will watch it to get instructions on exactly how you will cum for me at midnight and how to watch me live on camera, counting you down at midnight in real time! Yes, that’s right, you will all get the chance to join in and watch me teasing and laughing, counting you down to midnight.

All you need is Yahoo messenger and when midnight is approaching I will turn my camera on to tease you with a cock-torturing countdown and an explosive orgasm at the stroke of midnight. (Pun was just to obvious.)

I’m telling you now so you can make whatever excuses you need to so you can be online at midnight PST. I don’t fucking care what time it is where you are. If you are in a different time zone then you get two countdowns even, so find a way to sneak away or just stay home like a bitch should.

Of course, not all of you will be able to be online on NYE but would love to know what it might be like… in that case you can just buy the previous years videos! Already have them? Tough luck. This years video will go up around noon on the 31st. To know how I want bitches to cum at midnight this year, what you must do to watch me on camera at midnight, means you must be ready to buy that video before midnight PST so you can follow my instructions.

To cum for me at midnight on NYE means you are either a pathetic loser with no life who loves to be humiliated by powerful women or a dedicated slave obeying my commands as an intense act of devotion. Which will you be? A bit of both, I suspect.

This is just a random sexy picture because I know you horny boys will thank me for a little eye candy with all this text. So comment, and say thank you.
This is just a random sexy picture because I know you horny boys will thank me for a little eye candy with all this text. So comment, and say thank you.

Follow me on twitter. I post more photos there than I do here recently.

Buy videos on Kinkbomb. Search New Years to find last years videos.

PS. If you are in chastity you might be allowed to cum at midnight, ask my permission and you might find I am kind and allow you that one orgasm a year. Then again I do also enjoy forcing you to watch, be teased and NOT cum even when everyone else is allowed. Contact me now and discuss the possibility that you do not get to cum at midnight.

4 thoughts on “New Years Eve 2013 Cum Countdown LIVE Cam!

  1. I am sad i missed this chance but glad i was able to have the chance of seeing that picture. New desktop background.

  2. Don’t know how many of Your minions might have been there to witness Your Perfect tease Goddess Kyaa, and couldn’t hear Your voice myself, but this sissy was enthralled by Your incredible hair. Wonder if it’s possibly real sometimes. Too lovely to be true. And when You tormented with Your little armpit freckle, or birthmark, or whatever that intoxicating tiny ‘imperfection’ that I’ve become obsessed with is…oh, ouch, mmmmmmm.

    THANK YOU for always being unashamedly Your oh-so-confident self is all I can say.

  3. Hoping that yahoo messenger is idiot proof,that even a dummy can do it.giggle,giggle.i have never really used it,i feel like a virgin. i want it, but i nervous.hehe 2010 spending NYE with You Goddess Kyaa was the best NYE ever for me.i think it was the first time i ever gave myself a facial.How could i forget that. You were so much fun.#blush Thank You Goddess for this to look forward to,all because of You !

  4. For me Divine One this will be an intense act of Devotion, i do so look forward to my once a month orgasm that You kindly grant me. This one will be even more intense and meaningful.
    Devout Kyaaists all over the world all at the same time all at Your bidding all awaiting Your permission to cum for You!
    You are so good to us all Divine One, thank You for everything You do for us.


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