Are you ready for Kyaamas?

Tomorrow is Kyaamas!
(Remember that I don’t care where in the world you are, you live in MY time zone, Standard Goddess Time, also known as the Pacific Standard Time to non Kyaaists. Set your clocks and remember that you are in my time zone.)

Since it’s Kyaamas Eve I’ve decided to kindly put together a little list of ways you can prepare now for tomorrows celebrations and instructions on how you should be spending this special holiday.

I’m not giving you much time to prepare but that’s because I am more focused on my plans New Years Eve. Make sure you don’t make any plans for NYE this year because I have your night all ready fully planned out. Just wait until Thursday when I publish a big post with what I have in store for all of you on NYE 2012/2013.

Kyaamas Celebration Instructions for weak subs

1. Instead of buying me gifts you will spend your Kyaamas money buying videos! Sacrifice every last penny, you shouldn’t be buying others gifts if you haven’t clicked and paid for me. There are rip-off clips for those of you who want to spend more money fast and hundreds of cheap videos for those who get addicted to buying clip after clip. What is important is that you spend, buy clips and then most of all you must rate them and leave feedback. Together you all will work hard for me on Kyaamas eve and Kyaamas to rate and leave feedack on as many clips as possible. This is the first and foremost way you will sing my praises.

2. Once you have some new downloads going you may visit The Chronicles for a very special Kyaamas gift from me to all my devoted minions. This gift will be a free video that will ONLY BE FREE TO WATCH ON KYAAMAS DAY 2012! Do not miss it! If you miss it you will have to buy it. Thank me later when I don’t make it insanely expensive to purchase.

3. Wish me a Happy Kyaamas! Send tribute or call on NiteFlirt to be able to speak with me and sing a carol for me, thank me for perverting this holiday and wish me a very happy Kyaamas.

Obey my instructions. When you follow #3 and wish me a happy Kyaamas I will personally instruct you on how you will spend the rest of Kyaamas. Perhaps I will make you dress up like a slutty elf and play with some toys, maybe you will do some Kyaamas shopping for me or be forced to cum in some sort of deeply degrading manner… you will have to find out when you follow the commands I have given you.

These are just a few of the holiday themed videos you need to buy right away. Even if you own them already buy them again along with something new. Click, pay, obey.

Click each link to read the description and view the preview gifs.

fuck your religion 2012Fuck Your Religion, Celebrate Kyaamas!! (The original!) – Fuck your religion! Kyaamas! 2 – Fuck your religion! Celebrate Kyaamas 2012

Goddess-Kyaa-perverted-holiday-worship-joi-gif (1) Perverted Holiday Worship & JOI

Holiday Shopping- you don’t get, you give (to me!)

A Humiliating Christmas for Uber Losers! 

A Very Sissy Christmas for Domme Kyaa

Holiday Socks & Hose Teaser

Do your holiday shopping now:



6 thoughts on “Are you ready for Kyaamas?

  1. GOD KYAA, i want to thank You for perverting our holidays and give them real meaning.

    Goddess, we are not able ourselves to give up stupid traditions. We are not able ourselves to see the emptiness, the lack of sense and the perversion of so called christmas. Thanks for helping us. Thanks for allowing us to shit on it. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to say thanks for a real GOD. That is for You, glorious, mighty and gorgeous GODDESS KYAA.


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