Quick Update – Meeting Princess Rene & Team Kinkbomb at the Santa Fuckfest

When I went out to join some of team Kinkbomb and some fellow femdoms at a local bar I should have suspected that there would be stranger things happening there than our meeting… After all, it is Portland.

Packed into the small venue and spilling out into the cold winter street was a gathering of Santas of all shapes, sizes and sexes. Everywhere I looked Santas were drinking, dancing, grinding up against each other and making out with their mouths wide open. It was graphic Santa on Santa action. If it hadn’t been so dark in there we would have taken pictures, but alas, the flash would have alerted the mating Santas and potentially gotten us on a naughty list of some sort.

So we drank our beers and moved on to another nearby venue when we found we couldn’t hear ourselves talk over the loud (but very good) band and distracted by the live Santa porn. The cocktail bar we moved to was much quieter and we stayed there for a couple of hours having drinks, talking and laughing a lot.

The highlight of the night was meeting Princess Rene for the first time. This is going to be dangerous for you horny piggy addicts. Together there is no weak male we couldn’t destroy.  In January when I go to Vegas we will be filming together so start dreaming about it now, bitches. Soon that dream will come true.

Princess Ceara stopped by for a while too, looking as ravishing ever. Just imagine seeing the three of us at the same table, how quickly would you be on your knees?

There’s nothing quite like going out with femdoms and industry people like the people who run Kinkbomb. I had a great night and am even more excited for Vegas next month after meeting so many awesome people I will see again when I am there.

7 thoughts on “Quick Update – Meeting Princess Rene & Team Kinkbomb at the Santa Fuckfest

  1. The power of Goddess Kyaa, Princess Rene and Princess Ceara all in the same place is just wow. No male could ever be worthy of serving all 3 of these Goddesses.


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