New Media Update! December 21th, 2012

I know how important it is for you to keep up with all my newest videos. The idea of missing one, one that potentially could become your new favorite, must be terrifying for my addicts. Luckily for you I keep track of all the new content and can easily post updates here so you know about every new video…

Add them ALL to your collection. Search back in the archives and find videos you do not yet have. Right now it is important that you all focus on spending whatever cash you have left in your bank account adding videos to your collection. Recently keeping my spot as the #1 studio on Kinkbomb has become a rather fierce race due to a competition that Kinkbomb is running for all the studios. The winners will be getting swag and VIP treatment in Vegas next month. While I will be treated like a VIP no matter how I rank this month it’s important to me anyway.

On New Years Eve as the clock strikes midnight I want my store to be back on top, and will be working hard to make that happen.

Goddess Kyaa - shiny blue high heel brainwashing Shiny Blue High Heel Brainwashing – Weak and Addicted Forever
My lavish sling-back bright blue high heels will capture your mind in moments.

pay to be my bitch Pay To Be My Bitch
Just be thankful I reward my obedient bitches by teasing them with my panties and perfect ass!

Goddess Kyaa and Domme Jayne weak for feet in piggy slippers gif Weak for Feet in Piggy Slippers
Stuffing our sexy feet in these fat piggy slippers will have you oinking as your little dicklet stiffens.

Goddess Kyaa unshaven sweaty underarm worship Goddess Kyaa’s Unshaven Sweaty Underarm Worship
Sweat is dripping from my unshaven underarms, running down in perfect little droplets.

Goddess Kyaa setting sun goddess worship gif Setting Sun Goddess Worship
Watch in reverence as the golden light of the setting sun changes, darkening as your devotion grows ever deeper.

Domme Kyaa - stroke only how I command gif Stroke Only How I Command – JOI with countdown
It is important that you follow along carefully, stroking only how I command.

dual panyhose ass tease domme jayne Dual Ass Tease & Humiliating JOI for Pantyhose Lovers
Click, pay and stroke for our pantyhose asses!

Visit my Pay Tribute page for a special Kyaamas message and coupon code!

3 thoughts on “New Media Update! December 21th, 2012

  1. For Your Perfection to ever not be recognized as #1, on Kinkbomb or anywhere else, would be a travesty Goddess Kyaa. Your sissy will do whatever it can to keep You on Your deserving pedestal.

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for this Priority 1 mission to sacrifice and suffer for the chance to make You happy.It is quite an opportunity for the wretched and saved minions of Your Beautiful Sadistic Evil Empire. Thank You Goddess Kyaa

  3. Every single one is my favorite because You are in them ! Praying to You as i watch Your beauty and listen to Your sultry sensual voice instructing, teasing, mocking, or enlightening with Your wisdom, my favorite is the one i am watching as i am watching, picking one from so many would be impossible ! (Though the Kyaaism ones are my extra special favorites)


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